About Prestige

Best Hair Salon in NYC

Are you new in Manhattan, NYC, New York? Or, are you simply looking to change things up a bit when it comes to your beauty regimen and overall look? We are Best hair salon in Midtown NYC. You are making a wise choice leaving your hair in skilled, professional, and innovative hands (plus a little pampering never hurt!).

Hair Stylists

We want your hair to look fabulous, luminous and healthy.

It’s easy for hair stylists to do your hair in our NYC Hair Salon. But, the real challenge is when you get home and seeing if you can replicate their great work on your own. Our NYC Hair Salon have stylists that will spend time teaching you how to style your own hair so it looks as good as the day you left the salon. We never act busy or rush the process. We want you to love your look and be able to maintain it. After all, you are a walking billboard for our work and with every complement you receive, it may be a new referral for business!

Posh Packages

We care about your hair.

Hair salon in Midtown have a number of options available to our clients. We put together packages that not only give you what you need, but pamper you as well at a number of price points. We also give regular customers deals and offer incentives to new clients. Posh packages go hand in hand with exceptional customer service.