Does your hair have that natural spring and bounce? If so, your naturally curly hair can sometimes be hard to handle, and best stylists NYC know this. Want to get things under control? Read on to learn four best stylist NYC tips for wearing and styling your naturally curly hair.

Best Stylist NYC Tip #1 Step Away from the Shower

By all means, shower; but cover up your hair! You don’t have to wash it every single day. In fact, ladies who have curly locks should never wash their hair daily because their hair will become frizzy and unmanageable. A little natural oil is great for curly and wavy hair. It weighs it down slightly and keeps things nice and smooth. Plus, curly hair tends to be a bit on the drier side, so a little oil will do you some good. If you don’t dare skip a shampoo; at least use a cleanser that is ultra-moisturizing so your strands are soft and supple.

Best Stylist NYC Tip #2 Detangle!

Never ever use a bristle brush to detangle your hair when you get out of the shower. You will do much more damage than good.  Instead, opt for a wide tooth comb and very gently work your way in small sections around your head, rather than just jumping in and brushing away. Work gently until all sections are smooth and straight (for the time being). Then, you can apply a styling lotion and begin to sculpt your curls or straighten them out with heated tools.

Best Stylist NYC Tip #3 Scrunch with Spray

Hairspray is a super powerful tool for those who have curly or wavy hair. As you are scrunching and styling your curls; be sure to apply enough hair spray to every section you touch to ensure your style holds and you tame fly-aways instantly.

Best Stylist NYC Tip #4 Use a Diffuser

Diffusers are those parts that come with your hair dryer that most of us misplace or throw away. But, a diffuser is a powerful and necessary tool for women with wavy or naturally curly hair. It helps eliminate frizz yet dries hair effectively. It also helps you target and apply heat to small, individual sections of hair.

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, be sure you know about these several best stylist NYC tips to ensure you put your best head of hair forward each and every day!