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Hair Coloring Midtown Manhattan: Dressing up Your Color

It is not every other day that you come across tips on how to dress up your hair color. More often than not people dress up anything but their hair color. You can think of your skin tone, your shoes, and so many other things, and we tend to ignore the hair, especially when it comes to makeup. Hair coloring midtown manhattan is but one of the most frequently done procedures by hair stylists at Prestige Hair Salon NYC. This is particularly so because of the ease with which we brush shoulders with celebrities and other icons. Everyone wants to rock that amazing New York haircut and hairdo they saw on Ellen, or some other celebrity talk show that they are hooked on to. 

Why You Should Dress up Your Hair Color

One of the most important things that any hairdresser at hair salon NYC midtown will tell you is that your hair speaks volumes. You can reinvent your entire appearance through your hair, and it is amazing how it works so well for a lot of those who give it a try. Now that you have already thought of the perfect hair color to work with, it is important for you to think about reinventing your makeup to match your new style. It is important to address this because more often than note we have come across so many people with the wrong complements. Herein are some useful tips that should help keep you from committing hair-makeup suicide.

Dark Hair Color

In the event that you have decided to go with darker hair, you are in luck because dark hair normally works with a lot of styles. With this you have quite the freedom of what to use on your face. For the lips, any shade from hot pink to tangerine or even deep red works just fine.

On the same note however, we have to mention that if you decide to dress your hair black, and go with really bright lipstick, try not to do too much on your eyes, you might end up like a character from Walking Dead.

Blonde, Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is another common shade in hair coloring midtown manhattan these days. Sadly makeup with this hair color can be trickier than Chris Angel. Due to the fact that it is one of the easiest colors in hair coloring midtown manhattan to overload, try and dress it up by focusing on the cheekbones. So many hair colorists in midtown hair salon NYC have in the recent past advocated for going with a tint that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Some black mascara will easily complement your looks.

Hair Coloring Midtown Manhattan – Vibrant Red Hair

Nothing screams attention in hair coloring midtown manhattan than red hair, so you better not be caught off guard. Make sure that you set a good base to even out the skin tone, and you must have a concealer under the eyes. The importance of this comes from the fact that red hair easily adapts to the blue or pink undertones on your skin.

Remember that just because something looks on a brunette doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come out perfectly on your redhead.

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Hair Colorist Midtown NYC: The Trendiest Summer Strands


Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner. This sizzling and sultry season really heats things up, in more ways than one! You can heat things up too by boasting a head full of the hottest hair color around! Not quite sure which tones are a must have for your hair? Read on to learn about six of the trendiest summer strands to strut your stuff in from your hair colorist midtown nyc!

1. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Icy White Trend

Miley Cyrus is one of the pioneers of this chilly and trendy tone. Consider going platinum this summer to take going “light” to a whole new level. The bonus of boasting this shade? You won’t need to go back to your hair colorist midtown nyc for frequent touch ups because the sun will aid in the lightening process and if you have a tendency of having a gray hair (or two) pop up from time to time; they will blend right in with this super white tone.

2. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Strawberry Lemonade

A popular and refreshing summer drink; strawberry lemonade is a must try summer color as well! Think Jessica Chastain or Rachel McAdams when trying to envision this sultry strand color. If trying this tone with your hair colorist midtown nyc, keep things more on the “lemonade” side to again, allow the sun’s natural rays the ability to keep things light and bright as you hit the beach and swim in the pool. Salt water and chlorine also have a tendency to make hair lighter when the sunlight is applied to it, so you can always go more “strawberry” at the end of the summer; for a darker and more dramatic effect.

3. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Copper

Copper is always a popular shade for summer months. This red/brown/blonde tone enhances everyone’s eyes and complements a variety of skin shades, which pulls out bronzed accents on the body thanks to the sizzling sun. Copper hair highlights nyc also wake up the hair and make it look instantly sunnier, especially when pieces are colored that frame the face.

4. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Bronzed Brunette

Think Angelina Jolie on a boat in the middle of an Italian lake in June. Bronzed brunette is a lighter shade of brown and hair colorist midtown nyc suggests it is ideal for warm weather months, when everyone seems to be taking things to lighter level-even brunettes.

5. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Ombre

Still hugely popular, you may wish to sport ombre hair. This dying and highlighting technique takes hair from dark to light or light to dark and can be done subtly or blatantly. Some women even choose to use an ombre effect when taking a big and bold step and coloring their whole head in a notice me now shade like blue, purple, or pink!

6. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Truffle Brunette

Sounding more like a delectable piece of candy than a hot hair color, truffle brunette is a medium range brown tone, and we agree with your hair colorist midtown nyc, that it is ideal for those who have very dark hair naturally and want to go a little lighter and brighter for summer, yet who don’t feel the want or need to pull off a blonde shade.


Which tone are you excited to try this summer? Schedule a consult with your hair colorist midtown nyc at Prestige hair salon New York to talk about the one that would look best on you! Hair coloring nyc midtown can improve your hair look any day of week, any weather, any style…


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Best Stylist – Hair Colorist – Prestige Hair Salon NYC

Your hair colorist doesn’t only take pride in the way that they look; they take pride in the way that you look. After all, your hair becomes a walking billboard for their work. Do you want to make hair colorist happy in between salon visits? If so, read on to learn about some major musts when it comes to caring for your hair the weeks between your monthly appointments at one of the best new york city hair salons, Prestige Hair Salon NYC.

Four Ways to Make Your Hair Colorist  Happy:

1. You Lay Off the Heat

Stylists know that applying heat to your hair is usually a must for most of their clients. After all, not everyone has the time to let their hair dry naturally each morning and many don’t like the way their hair finishes without the help of a flat iron or curling iron. But, if you are able to cut down on heated styling tools at least two to three days a week, your stylist will be happy. Why? Your hair will look less dry, have less breakage, and will remain soft and fluffy.

2. You Deep Condition

Whether you invest in a fabulous deep conditioner or make your own using all organic ingredients you have around your home (you’ve probably heard to mayo hair masks); your hair colorist will love you if you lock in moisture regularly. Pick one night each week to apply the product and let it penetrate your hair for at least 5 minutes if you are doing it in the shower or overnight if you are wearing a hair mask to bed.

3. Reverse Wash

One of the hottest new hair trends is reverse washing. Your hair colorist will love you because when they examine your hair, you will have zero build up or residue left behind on your scalp, which can weigh down your hair and hinder your styling ability. Simply make sure your hair gets good and wet. Apply your conditioner first. Let it sit on your scalp for a few minutes before washing with your shampoo. Shampooing second will cleanse and rinse everything out, leaving nothing behind but beautiful hair!

4. Eat Right

Certain foods can help heal your hair. Make sure your diet is loaded with fish, nuts, and oils. Not only will you notice less breakage, but your hair will feel softer, stronger, and even look shiner (not to mention it will grow much faster and be thicker and fuller).

Your hair colorist does so much for you; it’s time to start doing something for them. Follow these four tips and tricks above to make hair colorist happy at your next salon visit!


Do not forget, our best hairdressers nyc are ready to surprise. We offer new in this season fashion hairstyles, trendy women’s haircuts as well as guality men’s haircuts !

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A Crash Course in Color at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC


Thinking about highlighting your hair for the first time, or are you up for a new coloring method? There are many things to learn from our colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC when it comes to not only choosing a complementary color, but a highlighting technique as well. Read on to get “schooled” on a crash course in color.

Your Colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC Reveals Highlighting Techniques

Generally, highlights are painted on by hand and are wrapped in foil to expedite the process when heat is applied. Your colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC can use a variety of methods and techniques to get you the color and effect you desire by using patterns and wrapping methods.

Brick layering

If your stylist uses this method, they will section your hair off into four or five pieces and apply color by making two to three rows within each section.


If your stylist uses this method, they slice your hair into sections on an angle starting at the roots and moving toward the tip of the ear. This technique has a curved effect, rather than a traditional straight effect.


Weaving is the most popular way to add highlights to hair. Your stylist will part your hair into very fine sections (less than 3 inches wide) and will follow an in and out pattern; placing foil under strands that have color swiped on them and wrapping them up to secure each section.


Slicing is a fast way to apply highlights. Your stylist will part your hair into multiple sections and then apply color to thin strands within each section. Foil will also be placed under each strand to secure the color and assist in the drying/finishing process.

There are a variety of methods and techniques to choose from. It’s best to chat with your hair colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC to help you make your decision. One thing they will tell you is to never take large sections of hair and apply color. This will look unnatural, can result in spotting near your scalp, and will give your hair a striped, zebra effect.

Choosing the Right Color

Our stylists and colorists at Presige Hair Salon Midtown NYC agree that there is a right color for everyone. They take your natural hair color into consideration, as well as your skin tone and color base (warm or cool). It’s important to keep in mind that when you show up at a salon with a picture of what you want, they will do their best to match up your inspiration with an actual color that will complement you.

Matching Your Hair Color to Skin Tone

Generally, the rule of thumb states that cool toned skin looks best with warm colors. Orange reds, honey browns, golden blonde, and chocolate highlights are the colors you should apply if your skin has a blue undertone. Stars who abide by this rule are Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Jessica Simpson.

If your skin has a warm tone, you have a pink undertone and your skin will look best with highlights in colors like dark red, beige, ash, champagne, and even violet! Stars and celebs like Sophia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, and Miley Cyrus abide by these rules.

Keep these highlighting tips and tricks in mind when you schedule your next hair consult with your hair colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC to get a color and use a method that will look natural yet fabulous.



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Have to Have Highlights – Celebrity Hair Colors to Inspire You


Whether this is the first time you’re highlighting your hair, or the hundredth; you can look to some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies for some instant inspiration. Take this quiz to help you decide whose hair highlights you should copy, based on your personal style, personality, and person preferences.

1. Which kind of purse makes your heart skip a beat?

A) A leather satchel

B) A studded clutch

C) A quilted cross body

2. Which city is your destination of choice?

A) New York

B) Dallas

C) San Francisco

3. Which drink highlights your personality?

A) A Cosmo

B) A Sidecar

C) A Mojito

4. Which beauty product do you never leave home without wearing?

A) Foundation

B) Bright lipstick

C) Blush

5. Your weekend plans include:

A) Brunch and shopping with friends

B) Dancing and drinking at a club

C) Dinner and a movie with your partner


Mostly A’s-

If you chose mostly A’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Jessica Alba. This classic and sophisticated lady takes a modern, yet mainstreamed approach when it comes to adding some color to her strands. The actress and mother of two adds some honey blonde streaks to the base of her dark brown hair, creating an ombre effect, which helps add depth and thickness to thinner hair of all lengths. This look is for you because you appreciate trendy beauty techniques, yet have a love for classic and traditional colors.  You are on the quiet side and don’t like to overly stand out in a crowd, or take big risks when it comes to fashion and beauty so this color combo blends beautifully yet adheres to modern style strategies.

Mostly B’s-

If you chose mostly B’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Demi Lovato. This singer is an outgoing risk taker when it comes to her style and beauty choices and often sports highlights of various colors (purple, pink, blue, blonde, brown) mixed in throughout her chestnut brown locks. This look is for you because you like to take a walk on the wild side, have a notice me now personality, and don’t like to fit into society’s view of the “norm.” You lead a busy social life and have an unconventional job, so you can wear your hair however you please!

Mostly C’s-

If you chose mostly C’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Lauren Conrad. This actress turned fashion designer has the traditional, all-American blonde highlights look happening. Her dirty blond strands get an instant pick me up by incorporating bursts of golden blonde shimmer at her part and on the sides of her hair, so her coveted hair color can be seen at all points of view. This look is for you because you have a natural, organic, and earthy look and are a sun-kissed California girl at heart. You lead the party girl/socialite lifestyle but do so with the utmost class and style!

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Ten Tips for Color Treated Hair from Prestige Hair Salon

You not only spend a lot of time getting your hair colored or highlighted; but you spend a lot of money on the treatment as well. Once your hair is dyed, there are some specific things you can do to protect your pretty investment! Read on to learn about the top ten tips for color treated hair to ensure your color stays vibrant, is long lasting, and looks fabulously fresh.

1. Invest in Shampoo and Conditioner

If you want to see a noticeable improvement in the duration of your color, invest in a high quality shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for color treated hair. Not sure which one to choose? Ask your stylist to recommend their favorite, or visit your salon to purchase one on the spot.

2. Color Treated Hair Needs a Hair Mask

Once a week, apply a luxurious hair mask to take advantage of its deep conditioning qualities. Your color will stand out more when your strands are soft and hydrated.

3. Replace Hot Shower with Cold Rinse

If you love taking sizzling hot showers, you may need to stop. Extremely warm water can do a number on your hair. Not only will it dry your strands out, but diminish your color quicker. Keep your water lukewarm and give your hair a blast of icy cold water at the end of your shower to shock your roots and enhance shine.

4. Use Dry Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

While it may be hard for many to do; washing your hair less will make your color fade slower. Don’t skip your shower, just the hair wash. There are hundreds of dry shampoos on the market that come in the form of a powder or spray that will lift and clean your roots, and will not strip color quickly. Just remember, spray sparingly to avoid a heavy, greasy look.

5. Stay Away from Sulfates

Sulfates are known to strip the color from your hair. Many consumers are unaware of how bad they are for your investment, so be sure to read all of your hair product labels carefully!

6. Add Oil to Make Your Color Treated Hair Shine

Hair styling products like Argon, Moroccan, and Macadamia oils help add softness and shine to your locks. They protect color treated hair by sealing in moisture and keep it healthy looking and vibrant. Keep in mind; you only need a dime size amount to get big results.

7. Give Your Hair a Leave-in Treatment

After your hair gets colored, it is wise to invest in a conditioning leave-in treatment. A little different from a hair mask; a leave-in treatment can be applied daily. Squeeze out a dime sized amount and apply it to wet, washed hair. Leave-in treatment not only makes it easier for you to comb through it the day or two after treatment, it helps keep moisture in and seals your color job.

8. Do Not Underestimate a Heat Protectant

For those who love to straighten and curl; you should be using a heat protectant spray or lotion before you begin to style. Intense heat not only dries out your hair, but makes your color fade faster. Lock in some moisture before you turn up the heat!

9. Skip Chlorine

If you get your hair dyed during summer months, consider wearing a swim cap. You may look a little silly; but no one will be laughing when you save hundreds. Most consumers end up getting their hair colored more frequently during these months because exposure to pools really strips the hair of dye.

10. Wear Hats

During the summer months, heat and chlorine can do a number on your strands. Just like you’d protect your skin; protect your hair. Cover up with a hat and apply a little spray that contains a broad-spectrum color protector in order to shield your hair from UVA and UVB rays to protect your color.
These ten tips are sure to make your color stick around longer and get you noticeable, long lasting results!

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Quiz: Which Hair Color Should You Try?


Determine Your Perfect Hair Color

If you’ve had the same hair color for years, it’s time for a change. But, with so many hair colors available, it’s hard to choose just one, and especially the right one! Take this short quiz to determine the hair color you should try based on your personality, lifestyle, and personal style!

1. Which make up item do you never leave the house without wearing?

A) Foundation
B) Red lipstick
C) Bronzer

2. How often do you update your hair color?

A) Never
B) Once every few months
C) Once a year

3. Which fashion item makes your heart skip a beat?

A) A cable knit sweater
B) Thigh high boots
C) A structured leather bag

4. What is your go-to weekend activity?

A) Wine tasting
B) Dancing at a club
C) Dinner and a movie

5. Which kind of dog appeals to you?

A) Golden Retriever
B) French Bulldog
C) Poodle

6. How often do you visit your hair salon?

A) A few times a year
B) Bi-Weekly
C) Once a month

7. Which spa activity most appeals to you?

A) A massage
B) Foot reflexology
C) A mani and pedi

8. If you could be a dessert, you’d be:

A) Chocolate cake
B) Tiramisu
C) Strawberry cheese cake

9. Describe your skin tone:

A) Warm
B) Fair
C) Cool

10. How long do you take to get ready in the morning?

A) 20 minutes or less
B) At least an hour
C) More than an hour

Mostly A’s Chestnut Hair Color

Chestnut brown should be your new hair color! Why? You are classic, sophisticated, you have an eye for all things beautiful, and you enjoy the finer things in life. Look to leading ladies for inspiration, who also have chestnut locks like Kate Beckinsale, Olivia Palermo, and Duchess Kate Middleton.

Mostly B’s Auburn Hair Color

Auburn red should be your new hair color! Why? You are fun loving, sassy, loud, and you enjoy taking part in the hottest fashion and beauty trends at the time. Look to leading ladies for inspiration, who also have auburn locks like Isla Fisher, Emma Stone, and Demi Lovato.

Mostly C’s Copper Blonde Hair Color

Copper Blonde should be your new hair color! Why? You are graceful, elegant, feminine, and quiet. You enjoy beauty trends, but like to put your own spin on them to feel comfortable in your own skin. Look to leading ladies for inspiration, who also have copper blonde hair like Rachel McAdams, Poppy Montgomery, and Jessica Chastain.



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Hair Coloring Midtown NYC

L1000232 (1)One of the most popular ways people change the way they look is by coloring their hair. Some people just do it to cover up gray hair, and others go for a dramatic change. Then there are people at every level in between. If you’re thinking about getting hair coloring in Midtown NYC, make sure you get professionals to do it for you. Prestige Hair Salon NYC has been dyeing people’s hair for many years, and since we use only top of the line products, you can be confident that your hair will look perfect.

Why Professionally Color Your Hair

There are an almost unlimited number of different reasons why people color their hair. For some people it is just something fun to do once in a while for a little change. Others go for something much more outrageous so they can stand out from the crowd. Most people just want to change their look a little bit, so they choose a color that L1000197they feel will complement their overall style. Whatever you’re reason for wanting to get your hair colored, it is important to let a professional do the work for you.

The professionals here at Prestige Hair Salon will be happy to help you choose a color that will look great on you. Then, we’ll pick out the right product and apply it perfectly.

The Best Hair Coloring in Midtown NYC

Prestige NYC Hair Salon is the right place to go when you’re looking to get your hair colored. In addition to having top of the line products, and years of experience helping people color their hair, we are also a full-service salon. That means you can come in, have your hair washed, colored, cut and styled- all from the same place. Many of our customers build relationships with their favorite stylist, so they know exactly what types of styles they will. If you’re interested in hair coloring in Midtown NYC, stop in our salon at 160 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022. You can also call us for an appointment by dialing 646-572-9111, though we do welcome walk-ins as well.

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