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A Crash Course in Color at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC


Thinking about highlighting your hair for the first time, or are you up for a new coloring method? There are many things to learn from our colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC when it comes to not only choosing a complementary color, but a highlighting technique as well. Read on to get “schooled” on a crash course in color.

Your Colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC Reveals Highlighting Techniques

Generally, highlights are painted on by hand and are wrapped in foil to expedite the process when heat is applied. Your colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC can use a variety of methods and techniques to get you the color and effect you desire by using patterns and wrapping methods.

Brick layering

If your stylist uses this method, they will section your hair off into four or five pieces and apply color by making two to three rows within each section.


If your stylist uses this method, they slice your hair into sections on an angle starting at the roots and moving toward the tip of the ear. This technique has a curved effect, rather than a traditional straight effect.


Weaving is the most popular way to add highlights to hair. Your stylist will part your hair into very fine sections (less than 3 inches wide) and will follow an in and out pattern; placing foil under strands that have color swiped on them and wrapping them up to secure each section.


Slicing is a fast way to apply highlights. Your stylist will part your hair into multiple sections and then apply color to thin strands within each section. Foil will also be placed under each strand to secure the color and assist in the drying/finishing process.

There are a variety of methods and techniques to choose from. It’s best to chat with your hair colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC to help you make your decision. One thing they will tell you is to never take large sections of hair and apply color. This will look unnatural, can result in spotting near your scalp, and will give your hair a striped, zebra effect.

Choosing the Right Color

Our stylists and colorists at Presige Hair Salon Midtown NYC agree that there is a right color for everyone. They take your natural hair color into consideration, as well as your skin tone and color base (warm or cool). It’s important to keep in mind that when you show up at a salon with a picture of what you want, they will do their best to match up your inspiration with an actual color that will complement you.

Matching Your Hair Color to Skin Tone

Generally, the rule of thumb states that cool toned skin looks best with warm colors. Orange reds, honey browns, golden blonde, and chocolate highlights are the colors you should apply if your skin has a blue undertone. Stars who abide by this rule are Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Jessica Simpson.

If your skin has a warm tone, you have a pink undertone and your skin will look best with highlights in colors like dark red, beige, ash, champagne, and even violet! Stars and celebs like Sophia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, and Miley Cyrus abide by these rules.

Keep these highlighting tips and tricks in mind when you schedule your next hair consult with your hair colorist at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC to get a color and use a method that will look natural yet fabulous.



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Have to Have Highlights – Celebrity Hair Colors to Inspire You


Whether this is the first time you’re highlighting your hair, or the hundredth; you can look to some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies for some instant inspiration. Take this quiz to help you decide whose hair highlights you should copy, based on your personal style, personality, and person preferences.

1. Which kind of purse makes your heart skip a beat?

A) A leather satchel

B) A studded clutch

C) A quilted cross body

2. Which city is your destination of choice?

A) New York

B) Dallas

C) San Francisco

3. Which drink highlights your personality?

A) A Cosmo

B) A Sidecar

C) A Mojito

4. Which beauty product do you never leave home without wearing?

A) Foundation

B) Bright lipstick

C) Blush

5. Your weekend plans include:

A) Brunch and shopping with friends

B) Dancing and drinking at a club

C) Dinner and a movie with your partner


Mostly A’s-

If you chose mostly A’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Jessica Alba. This classic and sophisticated lady takes a modern, yet mainstreamed approach when it comes to adding some color to her strands. The actress and mother of two adds some honey blonde streaks to the base of her dark brown hair, creating an ombre effect, which helps add depth and thickness to thinner hair of all lengths. This look is for you because you appreciate trendy beauty techniques, yet have a love for classic and traditional colors.  You are on the quiet side and don’t like to overly stand out in a crowd, or take big risks when it comes to fashion and beauty so this color combo blends beautifully yet adheres to modern style strategies.

Mostly B’s-

If you chose mostly B’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Demi Lovato. This singer is an outgoing risk taker when it comes to her style and beauty choices and often sports highlights of various colors (purple, pink, blue, blonde, brown) mixed in throughout her chestnut brown locks. This look is for you because you like to take a walk on the wild side, have a notice me now personality, and don’t like to fit into society’s view of the “norm.” You lead a busy social life and have an unconventional job, so you can wear your hair however you please!

Mostly C’s-

If you chose mostly C’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Lauren Conrad. This actress turned fashion designer has the traditional, all-American blonde highlights look happening. Her dirty blond strands get an instant pick me up by incorporating bursts of golden blonde shimmer at her part and on the sides of her hair, so her coveted hair color can be seen at all points of view. This look is for you because you have a natural, organic, and earthy look and are a sun-kissed California girl at heart. You lead the party girl/socialite lifestyle but do so with the utmost class and style!

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