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Men’s Hair Stylist FAQ’s

Men's Hair Stylist NYC | Men's Hair FAQ's

As a man, your hair needs a lot of maintenance. If you aren’t sure how often to get a haircut NYC, color, or when it’s time to condition or even get a new style, read on to get some answers to some questions that a men’s hair stylist nyc is asked frequently.

How Often Do I Need to See a Men’s Hair Stylist?

Believe it or not; often – especially if your hair is short.  In order to keep your hairstyle looking fresh and full of clean lines, schedule an appointment with a men’s hair stylist nyc every three weeks or so. Some men can get away with going only once a month for a touch up because of their hair’s length or the way they have it cut; but for most men, they will see a men’s hair stylist nyc bi-monthly.

When Should I Color My Hair?

Taking the step to color your hair is a personal choice. For many men, going gray is not an option. But, for others; they choose to go gray gracefully. Men can notice gray hairs at any age (as young as their early twenties), but many notice that they are getting a salt and pepper effect around their mid to late thirties. If you are choosing to dye your hair, don’t do it at home! Schedule an appointment to meet with a men’s hair stylist nyc so they can give you a consult and make several suggestions as to which color and tone intensity will look best with your skin tone. Once you choose to color your hair, you will need to visit your men’s hair stylist nyc at Prestige Hair Salon NYC once a month to freshen it up and keep stray grays at bay. Most men schedule their hair cut and hair coloring midtown manhattan on the same day of the month to save time or even take advantage of hair salon nyc cut and color specials that are being promoted.

Do I Need to Use Conditioner?

Absolutely! Many men skip the conditioner and only apply the shampoo. Their rationale? They figure they don’t have a lot of hair and washing it is the most important necessity. Quite the contrary. Men need to apply just a dash of conditioner to help keep hair soft, strong, shiny, and to help prolong their hair color if they choose to dye it each month.

Which Styling Products Are the Best to Use on Short Hair?

By far, the best styling product for short hair is pomade. All you need is a dab of this dense wax to get all day hold and to bend and shape strands into the perfect position!

Which Styling Products Are the Best to Use on Long Hair?

Not all men have short hair. In fact, longer styles have been growing in popularity over the last several years. Pomade is not the best choice for long locks. Instead, opt for a mouse or even a leave in conditioner and gel that will add boost and body to lifeless lock and even give you some lift at the roots!


These five questions and answers, a men’s hair stylist nyc tips, will help you maintain your hair style and keep it looking great, longer!

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Haircut NYC | Your Summer Hair Inspiration


You know those women. They are the ones who walk down the street and make you whip around because you can’t believe how amazing their hair looks. From its color, to its cut, and even its overall style, you have totally been inspired! Since spring is currently in full launch and summer is waiting on the bench and almost up to bat, you can begin to think about how you want to wear your own hair during this steaming season! Read on to learn about some of Hollywood’s hottest heads of hair and let them totally inspire you when you book an appointment at your favorite NYC hair salon  and let the best hairdressers midtown nyc work their magic.

1. Haircut NYC | Jennifer Aniston

The former Friends star is known for her long and luscious hair. In fact, this beauty is currently the spokesperson for several different beauty brands. Get her look by beginning to grow out your hair now so that it is shoulder length or below by the time the warm weather moves in. You may also consider cutting long layers and lightening up to a warm honey blonde color. This light tone looks amazing when paired up against bronzed skin tones and is not a platinum blonde shade, so it’s appropriate for blondes and brunettes to try.

2. Haircut NYC | Shailene Woodley

The young actress cut off all her strands to star in The Fault in our Stars and it’s growing in quite nicely. In fact, Woodley’s hairdo is an inspiration for those who are in need of a fresh summer style. This haircut nyc is fun and flirty, the hair does not rest heavily on the shoulders and is swept off the face to ensure a cool haircut for summer weather-literally. Not sure if you can have that short haircut nyc? Schedule a consult at your salon with your regular hair stylist midtown manhattan to determine if your facial shape and features will be flattered by this short cropped cut.

3. Haircut NYC | Lauren Conrad

The epitome of a classic California beach babe; Conrad is heating things up in Laguna Beach with her new and natural looking shoulder length style. The reality TV star has opted to chop her locks all one length, right below her chin. She’s sporting her new style by wearing soft, beach like waves and is keeping the ombre dying technique and effect popular. Darker on the top and lighter on the bottom, the star shows that summer is the perfect time to try a new do and to not overthink things when coming up with a new style.

4. Haircut NYC | Reese Witherspoon

Always chic and sophisticated, the star’s haircut nyc is widely recognized and admired. A gorgeous shade of blonde, Witherspoon is a perfect role model when it comes to making hair light and bright for summer. A mix between the shade of butter and corn; Witherspoon’s tone is ideal for natural blondes who want a different blonde option. She also has sported wispy bangs that are side swept for years and this is a great option for those who wish to update their hairstyle but still keep hair off the face because the bangs are long enough to be tucked behind the ear and pushed off the face as and when needed.
Who inspires you this summer? Look for some inspiration from some of your favorite stars in order to get a new haircut nyc for a new season!

Do not forget, our best hairdressers and hair colorists midtown nyc are ready to surprise you at not only women’s haircuts nyc but also at men’s haircuts nyc !

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Women’s Haircuts – Oscar Hair You Have to Have


The Oscar’s really sets the tone when it comes to women’s haircuts, color and style trends! This past weekend, your favorite stars and celebs walked the red carpet, dressed to the nines; showing off some major women’s haircuts and hairstyles. If you missed the show, read on to discover whose women’s haircuts are worth channeling in order for you to initiate a convo with your manhattan hair stylist at your next beauty appointment at Prestige Hair Salon Midtown NYC.

Oscar Women’s Haircuts and Color Trends to Steal:

Kiera Knightley’s Color

Kiera’s chestnut brown hair looked strong and striking. Slightly darker on top and lighter on the bottom, her ombre look and soft, beach waves were subtle yet sophisticated, thanks to a dainty jeweled headband to pull everything together!

Emma Stone’s Side Sweep

Va-va-va-voom! Oscar nominee, Emma Stone’s sweet side sweep stole the hair style show! Her vibrant red locks looked perfectly polished when pulled to the side of her face in a deep part. Soft vintage inspired waves framed her face and were set in place all evening!

Margot Robbie’s Effortless Style

Simple, sleek, and structured; Margot Robbie’s shoulder length hair was parted deeply and sat perfectly below her chin, framing her face and bringing out her soft, feminine features. Her light blonde color was toned to perfection and made her skin look luminous and glowing!

Dakota Johnson’s Bangs

The 50 Shades of Grey Award show “virgin” looked dashing and darling. Her soft, fringe cut bangs sat perfectly above her brows and she opted for a basic mid-level ponytail in order to keep her hair in place yet look totally award show ready.

Rosamund Pike’s Mini Bun

Pike proves that just because you have short, chin length hair; doesn’t mean that you can’t pull the front pieces back. Her mini bun took advantage of the length that her angled bob offered and her stylist let the back of her short ‘do sit groomed closely to her neck with perfect precision.


Take a cue from these hot leading ladies when it comes to women’s haircuts, color and style. They are what are in right now and you can be too! Do not forget, our best hairdressers midtown nyc are ready to surprise you at not only women’s haircuts but also men’s haircuts!

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Copy Cat! Six Seasonal Celebrity Haircuts to Copy Now

The whole world looks to celebs and socialites for fashion and beauty trends. Whether you’re a girl or guy, there is always that one celebrity who has that one look, that one haircut, and who plants the seed in your mind that you too could sport that style. Read on to learn about six seasonal celebrity haircuts that you’re sure to want to copy now!

1. The Ryan Gosling Haircut

He’s handsome, masculine, sexy, and incredibly confident. Why wouldn’t you want to copy his hairstyle? If you show up at a salon and tell your stylist that you want the Ryan Gosling haircut, they are sure to know what you mean. Gosling is famous for a high and tight style and a severe side part. His hair is much longer on the top than the sides and he always looks like he towel dried his hair because it looks so soft and tousled.


2. The Colin Farrell Haircut

His medium length, straight hair is easy to slick back and secure. All you need is a good styling gel and a few minutes to run your fingers or a fine comb through your hair from front to back. This celebrity haircut is easy to copy. Simply grow your hair until its length hits your brow bones and have your stylist trim up the sides and leave the back section a little longer and tousled.


3. The George Clooney Haircut

Perfect for guys who want to keep their hair nice and short; the George Clooney haircut is easy to get and maintain. You can also lightly texture the top, comb it off to the side, or push it up with some pomade to give it a youthful, modern look.



4. The Jennifer Lawrence Haircut

This Hollywood starlet was best known for her long, luscious locks but has recently traded it all in for a short, pixie haircut and bangs. You can get this look too! Ask your stylist to give you lots of layers from the top of your head to the side and apply a liberal amount of texturizing gel or balm to make each strand stand out and come to an edgy point!


5. The Julianne Hough Haircut

This former Dancing with the Stars pro turned actress really has a great head of hair. Mimic her medium length bob with ease! You can wear it straight and sleek, or wavy and carefree. Once your stylist cuts it to the perfect mid length for your facial shape, ask them to show you how you can get Hough’s effortless waves.


6. The Jennifer Aniston Haircut

Everyone from the 90’s remembers “The Rachel” haircut. Today, Aniston is still paving the way when it comes to the perfect haircut. Have your stylist cut long layers into your straight, fine hair to perk it up a bit and frame your face fabulously.


Check out each of these celeb’s hairstyles and don’t feel guilty about copy catting their signature style!

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Ten Questions to Ask Before Cutting Bangs


Ten Question to Help You Decided If Bangs Are for You

Full on fringe is a hot trend in the hair world right now when it comes to bangs. Celebs like Taylor Swift and Kerry Washington are just a few leading ladies who have jumped on the big bang bandwagon. You toy with the idea of asking your stylist to give your face some fringe but are often on the fence when it comes to following through. Take this short, ten question quiz to help you decided if bangs are for you!

1. Is your hair naturally curly or wavy?

A) No
B) Yes

2. How often do you wear your hair down?

A) Everyday
B) Occasionally

3. Which describes your personal style?

A) Totally trendy and a little edgy
B) Classic and conservative

4. Is your hair on the thin side?

A) Nope
B) Yes

5. How often do you use styling products and tools?

A) Daily
B) A few times a week

6. Which is your favorite hair accessory?

A) Headband
B) Hair tie

7. Do you have a round face?

A) No
B) Yes

8. How often do you update your look?

A) Monthly
B) Yearly

9. Which celebrities’ hair styles do you go gaga for?

A) Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, ZooeyDeschannel
B) Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale

10. Which hair styling tool are you most drawn to?

A) A hair straightener
B) A curling iron

Mostly A’s Bang Them Out!

Yes, bangs are totally for you. This is evident from your lifestyle, personality, hair type, and love for trends. Don’t dare cut them on your own; talk to your favorite stylist and allow him or her to work their magic and give your current look a makeover.

Mostly B’s Boycott Bangs!

No, bangs are not your friend. This is evident from your lifestyle, personality, hair type, and conservative style. Full on fringe will totally freak you out, so if you want to update your look, talk with your stylist about some alternatives to bangs, such as layers; to give your look a makeover you’re more inclined to

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Get a New York Hair Salon Haircut

If you have been going to the same place for years to get your haircut, it may be time for a change. There are various things that you need to consider when you go to get a haircut – and it’s important to know the benefits to a New York hair salon haircut.

At Prestige Hair Salon, we provide men’s and women’s haircuts. Located in Midtown NYC, we are easy to get to. You can make an appointment or come in during our open hours to get a haircut that’s going to enhance your beauty.

We have talented, experienced stylists throughout our salon. A New York hair salon haircut can be yours – and we will provide you with a full consultation before we ever reach for the scissors.

What’s the consultation about? 

Our goal is to give you the best haircut in New York. The only way that we can do that is to know exactly what you want. Maybe you are looking for the same look that you have had for years with just a few changes to the length and the way that you part your hair. Then again, maybe you want something completely different – and want to know what a professional stylist has to say about your hair so that you can gain a new look that better fits your personality.

During the consultation, we will talk to you about your hair, what you want, and what we recommend. You can be honest about what you want – and not have to worry about having a photo of what you want your hair to look like. We will ask you some questions and you can ask us some as well. Once we are on the same page as to what you are looking for in a haircut, we will begin to make the snips to make it happen.

A men’s haircut doesn’t have to be a five minute task that’s done with a razor alone. If you want good looking hair with a style that is easy to achieve, it’s all about the haircut. We have stylists that are used to working with men in NYC. Whether you play sports or you are the professional type, we can give you a cut that works well for you and your lifestyle.

A women’s haircut is often the most involved and that’s because of the length. Whether you have a pixie cut, a short bob, or hair down to the floor, we have stylists that will be able to talk to you about the latest trends and give you a style that lets your natural beauty shine through.

A New York hair salon haircut can be yours today. You can come in for a haircut or explore some of the other services that we offer at Prestige Hair Salon in Manhattan as well. You may decide that you want to change up your appearance even more with highlights or hair coloring – and this can be done at the same time as your haircut so there is no need to take even more time out of your busy day.

Call and make an appointment or ask us about how we are prepared to provide you with the best haircut in New York. Our talented stylists are standing by to talk to you and give you the cut that makes you look and feel great. A quality haircut is something that you need to experience before you can realize how important it is.

With our convenient location on East 55th Street, you will never have to go out of your way to get a New York hair salon haircut.

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Get a Blow Dry to Remember

Have you thought about what your hair could look like when you get a professional blow dry? You may be surprised by what can be accomplished. Curly and unruly hair can be blown straight and you can get the exquisite look that you thought was only possible with an airbrush in magazines. At Prestige Hair Salon, we have the expert stylists to make it possible to get the hair you have always wanted.

Many NYC salons like to leave your hair wet once they have cut it. This is because they’re lazy and they want to “save you money”. There’s something to be said about going to a lazy salon – and it’s not something you want to make a habit of.

The hair blowout is the final service before you walk out the door to show off your new ‘do. If the salon doesn’t blow dry your hair, there are some major issues.

  1. You don’t know what the ends look like
  2. You can’t confirm the quality of the cut
  3. You have no idea how to style your hair
  4. You have to go right home because your hair is wet

None of these issues should be something for you to deal with.

A blow dry is going to tell you how good the hair cut really is. The strands are blown dry and you get to see the ends and how the hair falls naturally on your head. Hair will get a little shorter when it dries and it’s important that you see the true length before you leave a salon. We take the time to blow dry your hair and show your cut from every angle to ensure you are satisfied with the cut.

Our expert stylists will also style your hair during the blowout. You can decide where you want your hair parted and all of that good stuff and then you can let us do what we do best. We will borrow from your personality and the texture of your hair to give you a look that you will love. You will see how we blow dry your hair to get the effect and all of the products that we use.

Once you fall in love with the hair style, we will show you how you can do it again on your own. This will allow you to replicate the style each morning when you do your hair.

Hair blowouts work for both men and women. Many of our male clients are shocked that they can get a spiky look without having to use any hair gel. It’s all in the way that the hair dryer is used.

There are benefits for women and anyone with longer hair, too. Volume can be added, frizz can be removed, and you can get the smooth texture that you have wanted. Fly aways will be a thing of the past with a blowout – and we can even talk to you about a special treatment known as a Brazilian blowout that can provide amazing results on your hair, especially if it is thick and unmanageable.

It’s time that you learn the full potential of your hair and for that, you need a professional blow dry. You don’t have to look all over Manhattan. We are conveniently located in Midtown so you don’t have to go out of your way to look amazing. We will style your hair after a cut or for a special occasion so you can feel confident that your hair is beautiful.

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A New York City Salon for Women’s Hair

Women’s hair is very different from men’s hair. It can be longer, thicker, and harder to manage. Men will often go to a barber shop because they don’t have to worry about how their hair is styled. If you are looking for a women’s haircut in NYC, however, you know that it’s important to find someone who understands what your hair needs.

It doesn’t matter how long (or short) your hair is or how thick or thin it is. You want a style that looks good for the shape of your face as well as your personality. Prestige Hair Salon is the women’s hair salon that you can count on year-round to give you the cut and style that you need.

We are a full-service salon. We not only offer a women’s haircut for you but can help you with coloring, highlights, and even a professional hair blowout. This allows you to get all of the hair services that you need from one salon.

Our stylists love what they do – and they’re up on all of the traditional and trendy styles that you may be thinking about. See a movie where the heroine had a cool new cut that looks just what you want for summer? Read a magazine with an up and coming actress that has a cool hair color that you want to try out? Our stylists want to know what you want to see done with your hair so that they can please you.

Let Us Help You 

We want to help you get the look that you want for the type of hair that you have. You don’t have to do all of the research on your own – that’s what we’re here for. Sit down in the chair and let our stylists have a look at your hair. We will know the problems that you’re having based upon the locks in front of us. If you have thin hair, it may be volume issues while if it’s thick hair, it may be frizz.

We can make some recommendations that will give your hair the boost that it needs – and provide you with an unforgettable style that you will love. During the women’s haircut, we will show you the benefits to the cut and share some styling tips. This will make it easier for you to go home and recreate the style every day so you don’t have to wonder what kind of magic the stylist performed on your hair.

A women’s haircut should be something easy for you to achieve – you simply need to know where to go. You may want to make an appointment before or after work or on the weekend on your day off. At Prestige Hair Salon in Manhattan, we have convenient hours that work no matter what your schedule may be. You can call and make an appointment with any one of our stylists and get the look that you want.

If you want to schedule a cut and color or a cut and blow dry, simply let us know so that we can reserve enough time with the stylist.

Women’s hair needs the extra attention and at Prestige, we know how to give it to you. Our salon services are comprehensive and affordable. Call and make an appointment today or stop into our East 55th Street location to talk to one of our stylists. We look forward to becoming the women’s hair salon in New York City that you return to again and again.

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The Importance of Finding a Quality New York Hair Salon

Your hair is one of the first things that people see when they meet you. It can be professional, playful, romantic, or sporty. Your hair tells people who you are and it’s important that your personality comes through with the way you look – and that’s where a hair salon in New York comes in.

You don’t want to trust just any New York hair salon. You want someone who knows how to cut hair properly – and that knows all of the trendy styles so you don’t have to wonder whether you are going to get what you want.

At Prestige Hair Salon, we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. We feature a team of highly trained hair stylists that know all about the traditional and trendy cuts that are desired throughout New York City.

Whether you are looking for a new hair salon in the Midtown area to call yours or you need a style while you’re in the City for work or vacation, you will be able to book an appointment here with confidence.

There are all sorts of services that you may need out of a New York hair salon. We offer:

  • Cuts
  • Trims
  •  Hair coloring
  • Blow dry and styles
  • Highlights

With all of these services, you are sure to get the look that will make you feel like you again. Maybe you want to hide some gray around your temples or you want to change your hair to a new and vibrant color. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you want to see to it that the hair stylist is capable of giving you what you need. The last thing you want is to be unhappy with the color.

Coloring requires a considerable amount of skill. If you have ever gone into some of the generic places for a haircut and seen that they don’t offer hair coloring, that’s why. No one there has the talent to deal with hair color. The right mixture needs to be created for you based upon the color that your hair is now and the color that you want to achieve.

At Prestige Hair Salon, we have the expert stylists that will take the time to find out what you want and blend a color on the spot. This ensures you get premium color. We use only the best products, too, which gives you a long-lasting color so you don’t have to worry about your color going down the drain within a few shampoos.

Even if you just want a hint of color, you can get exactly that – and we’ll show you how. With highlights, you can have a chunky or blended look that offers some contrast to your hairstyle. You may decide to blend in some red or blonde to your hair or go with something a little bolder, like turquoise or purple.

How do you know when you find a good hair salon in New York City?

It can be hard to find a salon where you feel comfortable. From the moment you walk into a salon, you want to make sure that people greet you. We have some of the friendliest staff around and that can make you feel welcome.

We want to make sure you feel comfortable discussing your needs and wants. Whether you know the style you want or you are simply looking for something a little “different”, you should be able to get it. A consult can help you to throw around ideas with a stylist to ensure that they know what you want and you learn what can be done with your locks.

A hair salon should also be located nearby. Whether you’re having a hair emergency or you want to be able to stop on the way home from work for a trim and a blow dry, it shouldn’t require a long trek out of your way. Prestige Hair Salon is conveniently located in Midtown, providing various ways for you to stop in. you can make an appointment or you can stop in to see any of the stylists that are on at the time you come in.

We work with both men and women. If you have wanted to stop into the same place that your friend or significant other has been talking about but didn’t know if you would be welcome, you don’t have to worry about such a thing with us. We welcome everyone, which makes it easier for you to get your hair care needs taken care of.

Our goal is to make you look and feel your very best. There’s no need to go to a hair salon in New York that won’t provide you with all of the services you want. Why go to more than one place when you don’t need to? You may only need a haircut today, but next week you may want to try some highlights and next month you may need a special hairstyle for an event that you are attending.

Make the appointment today and find out why more people are exploring Prestige Hair Salon. Our prices are affordable and our expert staff will know just what to do with your locks!

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Hair Coloring Midtown NYC

L1000232 (1)One of the most popular ways people change the way they look is by coloring their hair. Some people just do it to cover up gray hair, and others go for a dramatic change. Then there are people at every level in between. If you’re thinking about getting hair coloring in Midtown NYC, make sure you get professionals to do it for you. Prestige Hair Salon NYC has been dyeing people’s hair for many years, and since we use only top of the line products, you can be confident that your hair will look perfect.

Why Professionally Color Your Hair

There are an almost unlimited number of different reasons why people color their hair. For some people it is just something fun to do once in a while for a little change. Others go for something much more outrageous so they can stand out from the crowd. Most people just want to change their look a little bit, so they choose a color that L1000197they feel will complement their overall style. Whatever you’re reason for wanting to get your hair colored, it is important to let a professional do the work for you.

The professionals here at Prestige Hair Salon will be happy to help you choose a color that will look great on you. Then, we’ll pick out the right product and apply it perfectly.

The Best Hair Coloring in Midtown NYC

Prestige NYC Hair Salon is the right place to go when you’re looking to get your hair colored. In addition to having top of the line products, and years of experience helping people color their hair, we are also a full-service salon. That means you can come in, have your hair washed, colored, cut and styled- all from the same place. Many of our customers build relationships with their favorite stylist, so they know exactly what types of styles they will. If you’re interested in hair coloring in Midtown NYC, stop in our salon at 160 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022. You can also call us for an appointment by dialing 646-572-9111, though we do welcome walk-ins as well.

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