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Things You Should Ask Your Hair Stylist Midtown Manhattan


Every hair stylist Midtown Manhattan is very knowledgeable about their trade and talent. They are not only available to make you look your best at all times, but are filled with valuable information and are ready and willing to take on and answer your questions. So, the next time you are at your hair salon NYC, be sure to ask them these six questions to ensure you trust your hair with a wise pro!

1. What is my hair type?

Finding out your hair type is essential for many reasons. It allows you to select appropriate shampoos and styling products. It also helps you understand if your hair needs special conditioning treatments or if you should apply hair dye to your hair. Hair types range from dry, to damaged, to oily, and normal. Your hair stylist midtown manhattan can easily assess your locks and give you a definitive answer.

2. What is my natural hair texture?

Much like knowing your hair type; knowing your hair texture is just as important. You have to understand how to cut and style your hair if it is naturally wavy, curly, straight, fine, or course. A hair stylist midtown Manhattan will be able to assess this with just a glance and a touch; and will make recommendations about the type of style you sport and the products you apply.

3. Do I have warm or cool tones in my skin?

A great hair stylist Midtown Manhattan will be able to recognize if you have warm or cool undertones.  They need to know this because they have to suggest or mix up a batch of color that will complement your tone if you are planning on dying your hair or getting highlights. You are a walking billboard for their work, and they don’t want to send you out into the world looking washed out or too harsh.

4. Which styling product a hair stylist Midtown Manhattan would recommend for every day use?

A great styling product works wonders for your hair. A hair stylist midtown Manhattan specializes in making recommendations in order to keep your ‘do in tip top shape. Be sure to ask him/her to pick out a few products that won’t make your hair too greasy and that will work with your hair type and texture.

5. What kind of styling products should I avoid?

Much like telling you about products you should be using; a hair stylist midtown manhattan will be able to tell you which ones to avoid because they simply aren’t a match for your style and hair type. Certain ingredients also have reactions with dye, and they want you to avoid that at all costs!

6. Does my current hair cut complement my facial shape?

A hair stylist midtown manhattan doesn’t just have to be aware of the trendy haircuts nyc and hair color midtown nyc; they have to be on the up and up when it comes to making suggestions in order to ensure that a certain style or embellishment (like bangs) will look ok on your facial shape.


You should be satisfied with the answers that you get to your questions from the hair stylist midtown manhattan. These are six basic but big questions that you should ask and get answered immediately! Strike up a conversation.


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Hair Blowouts Midtown NYC – Essential Items


While most women trust the pros to give them a chic and trendy hair blowouts midtown nyc; many are opting to try it on their own at home, or even recreate this voluminous look that their hair stylist nyc recently gave them at midtown hair salon nyc. Either way, there are a few essential items that you need in order to go through this process. Read on to stock up on everything you must have for your hair.

A Round Brush for Hair Blowouts Midtown NYC

One essential item you need no matter what, is a round brush. If your hair is long and thick, select a large barrel brush. If your hair is medium length or short, select a brush with a thinner and small barrel. This is key because it will help you get the lift you need all around your head. Some professionals at Prestige hair salon opt to use several round brushes. They curl one up in each section of the hair while styling, while others simply blowout one section at a time. Decide which method you prefer, and select and purchase the number of brushes you need. Many hairdressers also suggest using a high quality bristle to ensure the hair is gripped properly and a nice luster is left behind after styling.

Styling Spray

A styling spray is important because it perks up your roots and encourages lift and hold when the brush is placed and the heat is applied. There are some sprays that are patented specifically for the hair blowouts midtown nyc process, but any kind of mousse or lifting spray will do the trick.

Hair Spray

Once your look is secured, be sure to select a light weight hair spray that has moderate to heavy holding power. You want to pick one that comes out in an aerosol stream, rather than a thin mist. More sections of the hair will get covered and the overall hold is more effective and usually less greasy and leaves hair looking softer and even shiner.

Dry Shampoo

Once you get hair blowouts midtown nyc, you want to preserve this lifted and lightweight look for as long as possible. Washing hair will immediately knock your style out. Instead of stepping into the shower, consider applying a dry shampoo. Just a few sprays at the roots will clear out the dirt and perk strands right back up. If you prefer a dry shampoo in the form of a powder, simply sprinkle a dime size amount onto your fingertips, massage, and shake your hair around slightly. Always avoid over brushing, water, or heated styling tools. They will alter your original look. Hair blowouts midtown nyc should be able to last for five to seven days if maintained properly.

A Silk Wrap

Finally, if you want to avoid hair looking flat or getting greasy, consider wrapping it up in a silk scarf or a special wrap when you sleep at night. Hair will be held into place and will not have direct contact with your pillowcase, which will collect grease from your body and face.

Whether you get hair blowouts midtown nyc at Prestige hair salon nyc or at home, there are several essential items that you need in order to get it and keep it looking amazing!

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Haircut NYC | Your Summer Hair Inspiration


You know those women. They are the ones who walk down the street and make you whip around because you can’t believe how amazing their hair looks. From its color, to its cut, and even its overall style, you have totally been inspired! Since spring is currently in full launch and summer is waiting on the bench and almost up to bat, you can begin to think about how you want to wear your own hair during this steaming season! Read on to learn about some of Hollywood’s hottest heads of hair and let them totally inspire you when you book an appointment at your favorite NYC hair salon  and let the best hairdressers midtown nyc work their magic.

1. Haircut NYC | Jennifer Aniston

The former Friends star is known for her long and luscious hair. In fact, this beauty is currently the spokesperson for several different beauty brands. Get her look by beginning to grow out your hair now so that it is shoulder length or below by the time the warm weather moves in. You may also consider cutting long layers and lightening up to a warm honey blonde color. This light tone looks amazing when paired up against bronzed skin tones and is not a platinum blonde shade, so it’s appropriate for blondes and brunettes to try.

2. Haircut NYC | Shailene Woodley

The young actress cut off all her strands to star in The Fault in our Stars and it’s growing in quite nicely. In fact, Woodley’s hairdo is an inspiration for those who are in need of a fresh summer style. This haircut nyc is fun and flirty, the hair does not rest heavily on the shoulders and is swept off the face to ensure a cool haircut for summer weather-literally. Not sure if you can have that short haircut nyc? Schedule a consult at your salon with your regular hair stylist midtown manhattan to determine if your facial shape and features will be flattered by this short cropped cut.

3. Haircut NYC | Lauren Conrad

The epitome of a classic California beach babe; Conrad is heating things up in Laguna Beach with her new and natural looking shoulder length style. The reality TV star has opted to chop her locks all one length, right below her chin. She’s sporting her new style by wearing soft, beach like waves and is keeping the ombre dying technique and effect popular. Darker on the top and lighter on the bottom, the star shows that summer is the perfect time to try a new do and to not overthink things when coming up with a new style.

4. Haircut NYC | Reese Witherspoon

Always chic and sophisticated, the star’s haircut nyc is widely recognized and admired. A gorgeous shade of blonde, Witherspoon is a perfect role model when it comes to making hair light and bright for summer. A mix between the shade of butter and corn; Witherspoon’s tone is ideal for natural blondes who want a different blonde option. She also has sported wispy bangs that are side swept for years and this is a great option for those who wish to update their hairstyle but still keep hair off the face because the bangs are long enough to be tucked behind the ear and pushed off the face as and when needed.
Who inspires you this summer? Look for some inspiration from some of your favorite stars in order to get a new haircut nyc for a new season!

Do not forget, our best hairdressers and hair colorists midtown nyc are ready to surprise you at not only women’s haircuts nyc but also at men’s haircuts nyc !

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Hair Blowout Manhattan – Amazing Procedures

Blowout Blow Dry Basics Midtown NYC

One of the most important tricks that any woman needs to know is how to get the perfect transformation for her hair with a hair blowout. Over time hair blowout manhattan has attracted the attention of so many people, considering how important it is for you to ensure that you get your hair in the right frame. It does not matter what occasion you are planning to attend, a good hair blowout will always come in handy at all times. It is as a matter of fact considered the ultimate go to hair style that does not only make you look awesome, but it also makes you feel so good about the same.

You will realize that with a good hair blowout manhattan routine, nothing will stop you from getting your hair feeling smooth and sexy all the time. Herein are some useful procedures that should come in handy for you:

Preparation for Hair Blowout Manhattan

You must prepare your hair properly (there’s no excuse against this). Wash and condition your hair, and after that apply some leave-in products that you normally use. This should be done immediately you step from the shower. In the event that you are the lucky ones with really fine hair, use a mousse to get a volume boost from the roots to the end sections of your hair.

In the event that you have thick or curly hair, try and ensure that you get some lotion or smoothing cream through your hair. This will work wonders for you in the long run. Those who have straightened their hair chemically should use some oil for this purpose.

Rough Drying

Use a hair dryer and your fingers and dry your hair but not entirely, at least 75-80% should do. In the course of the drying experience, flip your hair from side to side to add some volume.

Smoothing Your Hair

Attach a round brush to your blow dryer and start smoothing your hair in sections. Make sure that the brush you are using has plastic bristles and a round head for the best results. Start working from the roots upwards, pulling out in the event that you are looking for more volume for your hair. If you are looking for a rather smoother element, pull downwards. Do this from one section to the other until you have the entire head worked out.


As soon as your hair has dried out, try and go through the spots that are harder to reach, kinks, sections around the back of your neck. Use a flat iron for this. Remember to be very careful not to cause yourself some damage especially if your hair was chemically straightened. Setting the iron too hot will damage the strands on your hair.

Perfect Finish

Use silicone spray and rake it from the bottom of your hair upwards. You can also have some hairspray on your brush and run it through your hair to make sure that you do not have to worry about flyaway. Do this and you might just make your hair stylist manhattan jealous the next time you book an appointment at your hair salon nyc, new york.

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Hairdresser Midtown NYC – When You Need a New ‘Do


Listen up, guys and girls! It may be time for you to get a new ‘do with your hairdresser midtown nyc. Whether you need a fresh cut, some color, or a moisturizing/clarifying treatment (or two); read on to answer these five questions to help you instantly know if it’s time to make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser midtown nyc to get a new look.

1. Is Your Hair Falling Out?

Check your shower drain. Check your brush. If you are noticing an excessive amount of hair, you may need some immediate hair care. Most likely, you need to stimulate new hair growth and to remove dry, brittle pieces that are still looming around. You can do this by making an appointment for a deep conditioning treatment. This will not only help seal in moisture, but salvage strands that are already singed. You could also request your hairdresser midtown nyc that a special clarifying shampoo be used on your hair to remove excessive product build up, which in return clogs follicles and kills off healthy hair.

2. Are You Sporting the Same ‘Do in Your High School Senior Picture?

Whether you graduated five years ago, ten years ago, or even worse; twenty years ago-you should still not be rocking the exact same color or cut that you did when you were a senior, our hairdresser midtown nyc is sure. If you are, you are well overdue for a change. If you are afraid to do anything drastic, chat with your hairdresser midtown nyc to see what they suggest when it comes to color and a cut that you are comfortable with but yet yield noticeable change.

3. Have You Never Colored Your Hair with Your Hairdresser Midtown NYC?

Don’t be afraid of color! Whether you dye your whole head or opt for some highlights; there is nothing more boring than virgin hair! Hair coloring midtown manhattan, whether it’s done with organic ingredients or chemical processing really wakes up the face and can make you look years younger. It’s an easy process and you can always dye it back to your original shade after you’ve given it a try.

4. Do You Hear Your Flat Iron Frying Your Hair?

If you use a hair iron, you are most likely familiar with that hissing, burning sound that is associated with over use on your hair. If you hear this frying sound, it’s time to get to the salon to schedule a haircut with your hairdresser midtown nyc and a deep moistening mask for your hair to restore it back to a healthier state.

5. Have You Not Received One Compliment on Your Hair over the past Few Months?

If no one is noticing your ‘do, there is probably a reason for this. Get to the hair salon nyc, to your hairdresser midtown nyc and fast if you have not heard one positive comment about its color, cut, or style. You want to be the one getting noticed; not the one noticing others!


Can you answer yes to one (or more) or these five questions? If so, schedule an appointment, pronto! You and your hair deserve it. Don’t forget, you can always come to our hair salon 10022 to get the best service and pleasure!

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Best Stylist – Hair Colorist – Prestige Hair Salon NYC

Your hair colorist doesn’t only take pride in the way that they look; they take pride in the way that you look. After all, your hair becomes a walking billboard for their work. Do you want to make hair colorist happy in between salon visits? If so, read on to learn about some major musts when it comes to caring for your hair the weeks between your monthly appointments at one of the best new york city hair salons, Prestige Hair Salon NYC.

Four Ways to Make Your Hair Colorist  Happy:

1. You Lay Off the Heat

Stylists know that applying heat to your hair is usually a must for most of their clients. After all, not everyone has the time to let their hair dry naturally each morning and many don’t like the way their hair finishes without the help of a flat iron or curling iron. But, if you are able to cut down on heated styling tools at least two to three days a week, your stylist will be happy. Why? Your hair will look less dry, have less breakage, and will remain soft and fluffy.

2. You Deep Condition

Whether you invest in a fabulous deep conditioner or make your own using all organic ingredients you have around your home (you’ve probably heard to mayo hair masks); your hair colorist will love you if you lock in moisture regularly. Pick one night each week to apply the product and let it penetrate your hair for at least 5 minutes if you are doing it in the shower or overnight if you are wearing a hair mask to bed.

3. Reverse Wash

One of the hottest new hair trends is reverse washing. Your hair colorist will love you because when they examine your hair, you will have zero build up or residue left behind on your scalp, which can weigh down your hair and hinder your styling ability. Simply make sure your hair gets good and wet. Apply your conditioner first. Let it sit on your scalp for a few minutes before washing with your shampoo. Shampooing second will cleanse and rinse everything out, leaving nothing behind but beautiful hair!

4. Eat Right

Certain foods can help heal your hair. Make sure your diet is loaded with fish, nuts, and oils. Not only will you notice less breakage, but your hair will feel softer, stronger, and even look shiner (not to mention it will grow much faster and be thicker and fuller).

Your hair colorist does so much for you; it’s time to start doing something for them. Follow these four tips and tricks above to make hair colorist happy at your next salon visit!


Do not forget, our best hairdressers nyc are ready to surprise. We offer new in this season fashion hairstyles, trendy women’s haircuts as well as guality men’s haircuts !

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Four Tips on How to Get a Full Blown Blow Out


You love your hair when it is freshly blown out at the hair salon. You just wish the look could last a little longer! Read on to learn how you can make the most out of your blow out and hold onto this voluminous style for days longer!

Don’t Touch Your Hair after a Blow Out!

Try not to touch your hair. This can be especially hard because you probably don’t even realize how much you touch your tresses. If you can hold off; keep your hands to yourself. All the excess oil from your fingers will make their way into your hair and make it greasy, weighing it down and going from voluminous to volume-less!

Wrap It Up!

The first night you sleep on your blow out, be sure to gently wrap it loosely in a silk scarf. This will help it from getting flattened and will keep excess oil off your scalp.

Apply Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo comes in various forms. A spray, a powder, etc. Pick up the one that works best for you and give your roots a little TLC. It will help maintain your style without weighing it down. Also, since you won’t be getting it wet, you won’t have to worry about completely restyling it or losing a lot of the volume. Apply just a small amount of dry shampoo so it’s enough to soak up any oil that could be weighing your hair down.

Consider a Protein Mist

Protein mists are great to spray on your roots a day or two after your blow out. Apply just a bit of heat after spraying and use a fine tooth comb to gently make your part a little deeper to help fluff up your strands; bringing your blow out back to life.

Blow outs can be pricey. However, they look amazing on all kinds of hair length and types. You can easily maintain your salon fresh style by follow some of these easy tips above to make your blowout last for days!

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What to Expect at a NYC High End Salon: Indulge Yourself



Don’t just go to any salon. Your hair, skin, and nails deserve only the best! If you are ready to leave you old salon and try a new one, read on to learn what you should expect from a high quality hair salon, a NYC high end salon.

1. Accommodate, Accommodate, Accommodate

When you step into a NYC high end salon, the associates should bend over backwards for you! From getting you an appointment quickly on the time and day that you want; to offering you a beverage and complimentary hand massage while you wait; it’s the little accommodations that make all the difference and make you feel like a valued, special customer.

2. A Lengthy Consult

Don’t get into the hair cutting chair and let the hair stylist snip away without getting to know you or your hair needs! Tell them if you’re willing to take any hair risks, let them inspect the thickness and shape your hair is in, and give them a detailed report about how you wear it daily and how you like to style it on special occasions. Your stylist should know everything about you when it comes to your hair history. This will also help them make style and color recommendations for the future.

3. A Large Menu of Services

NYC high end salons have a huge menu of services. You want to go somewhere where the beauty options are endless. This will also allow you to use your time wisely and get the most out of your beauty experience. You can get a cut, color, manicure, pedicure, reflexology, a massage, and even a facial all in one stop. Great salons will also package these deals and offer discounts for loyal customers or referrals!

4. At a NYC High End Salon You Schedule an Appointment

Don’t expect to walk in and be pampered on a moment’s notice. NYC high end salons only work on an appointment basis. The stylists take every aspect of their time into account and walk in services may make your experience feel rushed.

5. You Get a Blow Out

Blow outs look amazing on all kinds of hair types and hair styles. A NYC high end salon will treat you to one of these voluminous do’s at the end of your appointment. It will help your new look last for days and is simply a nice treat to the culmination of your appointment.

If you haven’t been going to a NYC high end salon, it’s time to check one out. Expect some, if not all of the services and little extras mentioned above. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

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Products Your Hair Stylist Should Tell You About



Your hair stylist isn’t just there to cut and color your hair. They can be your best buddy when it comes to referring you to hair and beauty products that help preserve the healthy hair and maintain the style. Read on to learn about the major products that your hair stylist should be telling you about!

1. Fish Oil

Supplements that are taken on the inside are just as important as the products we apply on the outside. Your stylist should tell you that certain vitamins and nutrients like fish oil and how it is very beneficial for your hair. It not only makes your hair look shiner, it can help add fullness and help it grow quicker when this supplement is taken three times a day with meals. You’ll feel better, look better, and will even notice your skin has a gorgeous glow!

2. Fast Drying Towels

If you cut down on your hair drying time, you will notice amazing results. Your hair will look full of life, have less split ends, and your color will preserve longer. Fast drying towels are super absorbent and dry the majority of your hair without applying as much heat from a hair dryer like you normally would. Plus it saves you time each morning as you are getting ready for work.

3. Hair Stylist Favorites – All in One Products

If you want shine, to have fuller hair, smoother hair, and lot of moisture before styling; you don’t need several products to do the trick. There are many all in one products on the market today that will allow you to simply smooth a dime size amount on your roots and style away. You’ll save time and money; plus your hair wont’ be as weighed down.

4. Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner

There are awesome shampoos and conditioners that actually deposit subtle amounts of color while washing each day. This not only helps preserve your color but also disguises grays. Talk with your hair stylist to determine if one of these products could work for you and which shade you should select so that your color doesn’t take on a brassy hue.

If you haven’t heard of some of these miracle products, talk to your favorite hair stylist about them pronto!

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Seven Steps to Healthy Hair Treatment from Our Stylist


Your hair is as important as any other part of the body, and it is for this reason that you need to ensure that you give your hair the perfect treatment it deserves. Hair care procedure needs to be scheduled accordingly, with the correct timing and emphasis on the right products so that you can not only get proper hair treatment, but also because this is a healthy process for you too. You can only imagine the strong, silky looks, refined hair and the glossy look that comes with it.

The First Step to Healthy Hair Treatment

For a lot of people washing and conditioning the hair is all they think about when it comes to hair treatment. However this is but the beginning. To get a healthier look on your hair you need to do so much more than just cleaning and conditioning. This is why a lot of people have their own personal hair treatment programs, under which they are able to take good care of their hair, and maintain the schedule throughout.

Washing the Hair

We all wash our hair especially when we take a shower, but this is in most cases done hurriedly to beat the morning schedules. Proper hair washing requires the use of shampoo and any other hair products that are specific to your kind of hair.

Hair Conditioning

It is interesting that so many people tend to bypass this part, but it is equally important. Conditioning helps you prevent your hair from frizzing. Apart from that, the use of hair conditioners makes it easier for you to comb your hair without pulling and tugging your hair uncomfortably.

Hair Masks and Serums

Hair masks and serums can be applied either with the conditioner or in place of the conditioner. The role of these two products is to prevent frizz, and at the same time to improve the volume and overall state of health for your hair. You need to do this at least two times a week for a month, take a breather for a month then get back on the cycle again.

Blow Drying

This is one of the most important hair treatment schedules that luckily most ladies do not take for granted. It should however not be done every other day, but can be scheduled intermittently. For the best results you need to establish some days when your hair will go blow-dry free. Remember to towel your hair properly before you blow dry it.


This is all about your image. There are different hair styling products that are available which will actually help you get the best out of this process. Styling is a hair treatment process that includes procedures like plaiting, braiding, curling, straightening or getting an up-do.


If you have no qualms about the length of your hair, cutting could be an essential part of hair maintenance. Besides, the longer hair you have the more important it will be for you to keep it trimmed from time to time to maintain regularity. You can trim the ends every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows, especially for those with squarely cut hair.

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