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Things You Should Ask Your Hair Stylist Midtown Manhattan


Every hair stylist Midtown Manhattan is very knowledgeable about their trade and talent. They are not only available to make you look your best at all times, but are filled with valuable information and are ready and willing to take on and answer your questions. So, the next time you are at your hair salon NYC, be sure to ask them these six questions to ensure you trust your hair with a wise pro!

1. What is my hair type?

Finding out your hair type is essential for many reasons. It allows you to select appropriate shampoos and styling products. It also helps you understand if your hair needs special conditioning treatments or if you should apply hair dye to your hair. Hair types range from dry, to damaged, to oily, and normal. Your hair stylist midtown manhattan can easily assess your locks and give you a definitive answer.

2. What is my natural hair texture?

Much like knowing your hair type; knowing your hair texture is just as important. You have to understand how to cut and style your hair if it is naturally wavy, curly, straight, fine, or course. A hair stylist midtown Manhattan will be able to assess this with just a glance and a touch; and will make recommendations about the type of style you sport and the products you apply.

3. Do I have warm or cool tones in my skin?

A great hair stylist Midtown Manhattan will be able to recognize if you have warm or cool undertones.  They need to know this because they have to suggest or mix up a batch of color that will complement your tone if you are planning on dying your hair or getting highlights. You are a walking billboard for their work, and they don’t want to send you out into the world looking washed out or too harsh.

4. Which styling product a hair stylist Midtown Manhattan would recommend for every day use?

A great styling product works wonders for your hair. A hair stylist midtown Manhattan specializes in making recommendations in order to keep your ‘do in tip top shape. Be sure to ask him/her to pick out a few products that won’t make your hair too greasy and that will work with your hair type and texture.

5. What kind of styling products should I avoid?

Much like telling you about products you should be using; a hair stylist midtown manhattan will be able to tell you which ones to avoid because they simply aren’t a match for your style and hair type. Certain ingredients also have reactions with dye, and they want you to avoid that at all costs!

6. Does my current hair cut complement my facial shape?

A hair stylist midtown manhattan doesn’t just have to be aware of the trendy haircuts nyc and hair color midtown nyc; they have to be on the up and up when it comes to making suggestions in order to ensure that a certain style or embellishment (like bangs) will look ok on your facial shape.


You should be satisfied with the answers that you get to your questions from the hair stylist midtown manhattan. These are six basic but big questions that you should ask and get answered immediately! Strike up a conversation.


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Haircut NYC | Your Summer Hair Inspiration


You know those women. They are the ones who walk down the street and make you whip around because you can’t believe how amazing their hair looks. From its color, to its cut, and even its overall style, you have totally been inspired! Since spring is currently in full launch and summer is waiting on the bench and almost up to bat, you can begin to think about how you want to wear your own hair during this steaming season! Read on to learn about some of Hollywood’s hottest heads of hair and let them totally inspire you when you book an appointment at your favorite NYC hair salon  and let the best hairdressers midtown nyc work their magic.

1. Haircut NYC | Jennifer Aniston

The former Friends star is known for her long and luscious hair. In fact, this beauty is currently the spokesperson for several different beauty brands. Get her look by beginning to grow out your hair now so that it is shoulder length or below by the time the warm weather moves in. You may also consider cutting long layers and lightening up to a warm honey blonde color. This light tone looks amazing when paired up against bronzed skin tones and is not a platinum blonde shade, so it’s appropriate for blondes and brunettes to try.

2. Haircut NYC | Shailene Woodley

The young actress cut off all her strands to star in The Fault in our Stars and it’s growing in quite nicely. In fact, Woodley’s hairdo is an inspiration for those who are in need of a fresh summer style. This haircut nyc is fun and flirty, the hair does not rest heavily on the shoulders and is swept off the face to ensure a cool haircut for summer weather-literally. Not sure if you can have that short haircut nyc? Schedule a consult at your salon with your regular hair stylist midtown manhattan to determine if your facial shape and features will be flattered by this short cropped cut.

3. Haircut NYC | Lauren Conrad

The epitome of a classic California beach babe; Conrad is heating things up in Laguna Beach with her new and natural looking shoulder length style. The reality TV star has opted to chop her locks all one length, right below her chin. She’s sporting her new style by wearing soft, beach like waves and is keeping the ombre dying technique and effect popular. Darker on the top and lighter on the bottom, the star shows that summer is the perfect time to try a new do and to not overthink things when coming up with a new style.

4. Haircut NYC | Reese Witherspoon

Always chic and sophisticated, the star’s haircut nyc is widely recognized and admired. A gorgeous shade of blonde, Witherspoon is a perfect role model when it comes to making hair light and bright for summer. A mix between the shade of butter and corn; Witherspoon’s tone is ideal for natural blondes who want a different blonde option. She also has sported wispy bangs that are side swept for years and this is a great option for those who wish to update their hairstyle but still keep hair off the face because the bangs are long enough to be tucked behind the ear and pushed off the face as and when needed.
Who inspires you this summer? Look for some inspiration from some of your favorite stars in order to get a new haircut nyc for a new season!

Do not forget, our best hairdressers and hair colorists midtown nyc are ready to surprise you at not only women’s haircuts nyc but also at men’s haircuts nyc !

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Hair Colorist Midtown NYC: The Trendiest Summer Strands


Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner. This sizzling and sultry season really heats things up, in more ways than one! You can heat things up too by boasting a head full of the hottest hair color around! Not quite sure which tones are a must have for your hair? Read on to learn about six of the trendiest summer strands to strut your stuff in from your hair colorist midtown nyc!

1. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Icy White Trend

Miley Cyrus is one of the pioneers of this chilly and trendy tone. Consider going platinum this summer to take going “light” to a whole new level. The bonus of boasting this shade? You won’t need to go back to your hair colorist midtown nyc for frequent touch ups because the sun will aid in the lightening process and if you have a tendency of having a gray hair (or two) pop up from time to time; they will blend right in with this super white tone.

2. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Strawberry Lemonade

A popular and refreshing summer drink; strawberry lemonade is a must try summer color as well! Think Jessica Chastain or Rachel McAdams when trying to envision this sultry strand color. If trying this tone with your hair colorist midtown nyc, keep things more on the “lemonade” side to again, allow the sun’s natural rays the ability to keep things light and bright as you hit the beach and swim in the pool. Salt water and chlorine also have a tendency to make hair lighter when the sunlight is applied to it, so you can always go more “strawberry” at the end of the summer; for a darker and more dramatic effect.

3. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Copper

Copper is always a popular shade for summer months. This red/brown/blonde tone enhances everyone’s eyes and complements a variety of skin shades, which pulls out bronzed accents on the body thanks to the sizzling sun. Copper hair highlights nyc also wake up the hair and make it look instantly sunnier, especially when pieces are colored that frame the face.

4. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Bronzed Brunette

Think Angelina Jolie on a boat in the middle of an Italian lake in June. Bronzed brunette is a lighter shade of brown and hair colorist midtown nyc suggests it is ideal for warm weather months, when everyone seems to be taking things to lighter level-even brunettes.

5. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Ombre

Still hugely popular, you may wish to sport ombre hair. This dying and highlighting technique takes hair from dark to light or light to dark and can be done subtly or blatantly. Some women even choose to use an ombre effect when taking a big and bold step and coloring their whole head in a notice me now shade like blue, purple, or pink!

6. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Truffle Brunette

Sounding more like a delectable piece of candy than a hot hair color, truffle brunette is a medium range brown tone, and we agree with your hair colorist midtown nyc, that it is ideal for those who have very dark hair naturally and want to go a little lighter and brighter for summer, yet who don’t feel the want or need to pull off a blonde shade.


Which tone are you excited to try this summer? Schedule a consult with your hair colorist midtown nyc at Prestige hair salon New York to talk about the one that would look best on you! Hair coloring nyc midtown can improve your hair look any day of week, any weather, any style…


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Hair Stylist Manhattan – Big Bangs Theory


You love the look of bangs but wonder if they are for you. Did you know there are actually many different types of bangs that will frame your face in all different ways? Your hair stylist manhattan will tell you that there are certain types of bangs for certain types of hair too. Read on to learn some bang basics from your hair stylist manhattan and ponder which you should try.

Hair Stylist Manhattan Teaches Bang Basics:

Blunt Cut Bangs

Blunt cut bangs are what they say they are. Cut bluntly. They sit straight across the forehead, right above eye level. If you have a round face, they will make your face look fuller. Blunt cut bangs are usually cut thick and are ideal for those who have stick straight hair. While they look super chic, it’s important to keep in mind that they have to be regularly cut and maintained in order for them to not totally block your vision!

Whimsy Bangs

Whimsy bangs are wispy and frame the face softly. They are sparsely cut and barely skim the forehead and are not thick at all. They can be worn straight or wavy and can be brushed across the forehead from temple to temple, or parted down the middle, emphasizing the eyes and nose. Whimsy bangs are not for you if you have a long face because they will make it look narrower. Your hair stylist manhattan states they are ideal for those who have a heart shaped face or square jawline because they pull the eye upward and take the focus off any hard lines.

Feathered Bangs

According to your hair stylist manhattan, feathered bangs are great for those who have thick hair. They can be “piled” up and give hair of all lengths and textures volume and emphasis. A total throwback to the seventies, feathered bangs look great when hair is worn down or pulled back. They look great on oval faces and very pretty worn straight when the rest of the hair is styled in soft, flowing waves.

Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs look great on fuller faces. Many women believe they can’t wear bangs if they have a round face, but when they cut angled bangs and sweep them off to one side, they put the focus on the center of the face, rather than the sides of the face so ultimately they help create an overall slimming effect. Miranda Lambert is famous for her boasting this style of bangs. Hair stylist manhattan believes, side swept bangs also blend easily into long or short layered haircuts nyc and are easy to maintain and even grow out in a flash.

Short Layered Bangs

Short layered bangs look awesome with short, layered cuts. Think 70’s fashion icon Twiggy or modern day actress Michelle Williams. These bangs are best for women who have small bone structure in their faces and very delicate features. They complement a crop cut or a pixie cut fabulously and really makes the eyes pop. They have to get trimmed by your hair stylist manhattan almost weekly to maintain their form and the only downfall is that they can take a while to grow out.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about bangs? If so, which style will work best for you? Book an appointment at Prestige Hair Salon NYC and ask your hair stylist nyc manhattan. Our best hairdressers midtown nyc are ready to surprise you!

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Manhattan Hair Stylist Explains How to Tease Your Hair Right


Teasing your hair sounds totally easy. However, according to manhattan hair stylist, the end result can turn badly, quickly! Believe it or not, but teasing your hair truly is an art. Read on to learn how to do it right from best hairdressers nyc!

Manhattan Hair Stylist Tips on How to Really Tease Your Hair:

It’s All about the Brush

In order to tease your hair properly (and not look like you stepped out of the 80’s), manhattan hair stylist recommends you a boar bristle teasing brush. These fine and thick bristles hold onto the hair and give you the lift you need. If you have shorter hair or wish to only tease a few, thin sections; opt for a very thin barrel. If you want the opposite effect, pick up a medium to large barrel. Be sure to clean it weekly to remove excess hair and oil that the bristles pick up throughout the week.

Avoid Conditioner

If you are going to tease your hair, you want a little extra texture to work with. When you use conditioner or leave in products, manhattan hair stylist assures you your hair becomes super smooth. You actually want the opposite effect when you do the teasing. So, just shampoo!

Add Salt Spray

In order to make your hair a little more coarse and able to hold texture, manhattan hair stylist recommends to spray some sea salt into your hair before drying it. It will help the sections you tease stand up and stay up!

Hold on Tight

If you want a lasting, teased look manhattan hair stylist offers you to pull hair tightly and straight up when you tease. Leaving strands too loose will not get you the volume you need or desire. Once you tease a tight and thin section on top of your scalp, repeat the process until you have the lift that you want.

Spray It

If you want your look to last all day, avoid hair sprays that are water based. This will flatten the volume you create. Instead, opt for an aerosol spray. It will even add a little extra lift when you spray it at the roots. Just avoid spraying it too close. Hold the bottle back at lease several inches to avoid a spray building up, which will only make your hair go down!


Voila! Now, you can be a teasing master. Test out these manhattan hair stylist tips today to give your strands that little something extra! All this does not mean you do not have to visit your hairdresser midtown nyc to have a haircut midtown, a hair blowout midtown manhattan at one of the best new york city hair salons, Prestige Hair Salon.

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Prestige Hair Salon NYC Offers This Year’s Stylish Hairdos


The new year is already upon us, and everyone is bubbling about their resolutions, a few things that they want to change in their lives, some of the things that they want to drop, new fashion styles they will subscribe to and the lot. Have you ever realized how amidst all the new resolutions that we make, not so many ever think about changing their hair? Well, it may sound more of a personal choice, but think about it…how about changing your hair this year? Get that new fabulous look at Prestige Hair Salon NYC and be the envy of everyone around you.

To start the new season, set a new perspective for your hair. Focus more on the texture than anything else. You can choose to have it fuzzy or experiment with new layers on your hair, whichever way which will appeal to you best.

Prestige Hair Salon NYC Style #1 – Cut It Short

If you haven’t thought about this one yet, you should! Everyone has been going all gaga about short hair, especially taking after Lupita. After seeing how graceful she has been all through the year in her short hair, why wouldn’t you want to have something similar? Our best hairdressers midtown nyc are ready to help you with that.

When you come to think about it, going short allows you to have more focus on your facial structure, and in the even that you have some really awesome skin, you get to flaunt it wherever you go.

Prestige Hair Salon NYC Style #2 – Warm Brown Colors

Having warm colors on your hair sounds like a very good plan especially for the fall, and this explains why a lot of the A-list members have been working so hard to get deeper brown hair or for those with blonde hair, making attempts to darken the blonde. Think Cameron Diaz and you will paint the perfect picture in mind. Be sure to tell this to your stylist when getting an appointment for your hair coloring midtown manhattan at Prestige Hair Salon NYC.

Prestige Hair Salon NYC Style #3 – Auburn Tone

Auburn tones have been some of the “to die for” tones for quite some time, especially in the month of January. Having a new hue for your hair is a welcome change from the ordinary. As a precaution though, even though going all auburn might look good on you, it will look even better if you make an effort to complement your skin tone and most incredibly, the color of your eyes with your new hair color.

Prestige Hair Salon NYC Style #4 – Semi-Permanent Dye

Dyeing your hair is not necessarily a new concept, but if you choose to go bold with the coloring, you will be surprised with the result. The beauty of using semi-permanent dye is that you can keep things a bit subtle and still manage to look glamorous.

If you cannot do the dye work on your own, take some time and print out your favorite celebrity dye design and rush to your hair colorist nyc at Prestige Hair Salon NYC and let them work their magic for you.

Prestige Hair Salon NYC Style #5 – Bobs

The bobs, in similar fashion with blonde hair, never seem to go out of fashion. Therefore this is another good alternative that you can look into at Prestige Hair Salon NYC as you attempt to get your finest look on the street.

You may also go for other looks such as the fringe or medium length hairstyles; remember to ensure that the style you choose does match the shape of your head.

Our Prestige Hair Salon Midtown East NYC is always warm and friendly! Also, our hair stylists midtown are ready to surprise you with best hair blowouts midtown nyc.

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Brazilian Blowout Midtown NYC – Main Reasons to Have It


There are trends that never seem to die away, and will always be there come what may. The Brazilian hair blowout midtown Manhattan is one such trend, having been around for a very long time. In as much as there are some ladies that consider this trend to be rather outdated, there are some who prefer bringing back trends from back in the day, and making them look so glamorous. There are actually celebrities that have been able to rock this style and never fail to look the part, so our hairdressers midtown NYC think there would be no harm in trying it out.

Brazilian Blowout Midtown NYC: Makes Your Hair Soft

One of the most common reasons why a lot of ladies go for this is because of the promise that it makes your hair soft, so soft to be precise. We, this is indeed one of the promises that had a lot of people hooked on the Brazilian blowout midtown NYC for so long. It does not only guarantee you smooth and soft hair, but when you are through, your hair will be shiny, straight and you will no longer have to worry about frizz. This is not just the big difference, it is a good reason to consider having a Brazilian blowout midtown NYC in our Hair Salon 10022.

Brazilian Blowout Midtown NYC: Keratin Solution

But what really makes this different from a most of the other treatments that are available? Is it the keratin solution? Well, it has to be something about the solution. First, while other chemicals literally “cook” your hair to make it as straight as you want it, this solution doesn’t. To be precise, in the event that you have your Brazilian blowout done properly, you can be guaranteed of nothing short of healthy hair. Not to brag, but in the event that you come in with damaged hair and you need a Brazilian blowout midtown NYC, chances are so high that by the time you are leaving, the results will be nothing short of amazing.

It Keeps Your Hair Natural

It keeps your hair natural. This is a very good thing for someone who has natural curly hair, and who is worried about losing the natural curls. With our best stylists nyc the Brazilian blowout midtown NYC does not necessarily have to completely straighten your hair to the point where you lose the curls. You will still be able to maintain that natural wave without frizz.

Brazilian Blowout Midtown NYC: Long Lasting Effect

One of the best things about having the Brazilian blowout midtown NYC done is that the use of keratin naturally seals the solution into your hair. Because of this, you can be sure of longer lasting effects, such that your hair will remain perfect even after you have had a shower, gone for a swim or even if you use shampoo on your hair.

In order to prevent the occasional problem of hair straightening midtown Manhattan, Brazilian blowout midtown NYC treatments will only last up to 3 months. Hair straightening is a common problem that occurs because as your hair grows, the lower half will remain straight while the other half on top becomes half straight, half curly. With a Brazilian blowout midtown NYC, you do not need to worry about this at all.

Come and speak about it with best hairdresser in nyc and we will definitely make you look amazing.



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Best Stylist NYC, Manhattan: Tips for Curly Hair


Does your hair have that natural spring and bounce? If so, your naturally curly hair can sometimes be hard to handle, and best stylists NYC know this. Want to get things under control? Read on to learn four best stylist NYC tips for wearing and styling your naturally curly hair.

Best Stylist NYC Tip #1 Step Away from the Shower

By all means, shower; but cover up your hair! You don’t have to wash it every single day. In fact, ladies who have curly locks should never wash their hair daily because their hair will become frizzy and unmanageable. A little natural oil is great for curly and wavy hair. It weighs it down slightly and keeps things nice and smooth. Plus, curly hair tends to be a bit on the drier side, so a little oil will do you some good. If you don’t dare skip a shampoo; at least use a cleanser that is ultra-moisturizing so your strands are soft and supple.

Best Stylist NYC Tip #2 Detangle!

Never ever use a bristle brush to detangle your hair when you get out of the shower. You will do much more damage than good.  Instead, opt for a wide tooth comb and very gently work your way in small sections around your head, rather than just jumping in and brushing away. Work gently until all sections are smooth and straight (for the time being). Then, you can apply a styling lotion and begin to sculpt your curls or straighten them out with heated tools.

Best Stylist NYC Tip #3 Scrunch with Spray

Hairspray is a super powerful tool for those who have curly or wavy hair. As you are scrunching and styling your curls; be sure to apply enough hair spray to every section you touch to ensure your style holds and you tame fly-aways instantly.

Best Stylist NYC Tip #4 Use a Diffuser

Diffusers are those parts that come with your hair dryer that most of us misplace or throw away. But, a diffuser is a powerful and necessary tool for women with wavy or naturally curly hair. It helps eliminate frizz yet dries hair effectively. It also helps you target and apply heat to small, individual sections of hair.

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, be sure you know about these several best stylist NYC tips to ensure you put your best head of hair forward each and every day!

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Ring in the New Year with New Hair Trends of 2015



Three, two, one, “Happy New Year!” It’s a fresh new year so it’s time for a fresh, new you! If you are considering ringing in 2015 with a new cut and color, there are many popular hair trends to choose from. Read on to learn about some of the hottest looks (and ones that are sure to pop up soon) around town. Here are four cut and color hair trends for 2015.

1. Chop It Off!

Maybe the mentality behind this hair trend is to simply go for it because it’s a new year? Either way, chopping it all off is one of the trendiest things to do. We’re not talking just a trim. If you have hair that falls down to your back, consider going for a shoulder length bob. If you have medium length hair, consider trying out a pixie cut. Chat with your stylist to determine which length is best for you and how many inches you should get rid of.

2. Winter Blonde in Hair Trends

Dying your hair dark during winter has become a thing of the past. Everyone will be keeping it light after the New Year. Think summer highlights and say goodbye to low lights. Some of the top celebs are donning this trend so follow their lead for some instant inspiration!

3. A Nod to Mod

Give a nod to mod by jumping on the bob band wagon. Top stylists predict that retro cuts will be spotted everywhere and on everyone at the end of winter months and in the beginning of spring to warm things up a bit. Think thick, choppy layers that give your look lots of volume and texture; yet that sits at your shoulders. Thick, fringe bangs can also be added to this mod style.

4. Deep Side Parts

When it comes to hair trends for men in the near future, expect to see fades that have a disconnected length on top and set in a deep side part. This barbered look will also be spotted next to men wearing longer hair with tapered ends so they can get that “lived in” texturized look.

Can’t wait to see the top hair trends of 2015? You don’t have to. Why not start right now? Which hot hair trend will tempt you?


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Have to Have Highlights – Celebrity Hair Colors to Inspire You


Whether this is the first time you’re highlighting your hair, or the hundredth; you can look to some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies for some instant inspiration. Take this quiz to help you decide whose hair highlights you should copy, based on your personal style, personality, and person preferences.

1. Which kind of purse makes your heart skip a beat?

A) A leather satchel

B) A studded clutch

C) A quilted cross body

2. Which city is your destination of choice?

A) New York

B) Dallas

C) San Francisco

3. Which drink highlights your personality?

A) A Cosmo

B) A Sidecar

C) A Mojito

4. Which beauty product do you never leave home without wearing?

A) Foundation

B) Bright lipstick

C) Blush

5. Your weekend plans include:

A) Brunch and shopping with friends

B) Dancing and drinking at a club

C) Dinner and a movie with your partner


Mostly A’s-

If you chose mostly A’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Jessica Alba. This classic and sophisticated lady takes a modern, yet mainstreamed approach when it comes to adding some color to her strands. The actress and mother of two adds some honey blonde streaks to the base of her dark brown hair, creating an ombre effect, which helps add depth and thickness to thinner hair of all lengths. This look is for you because you appreciate trendy beauty techniques, yet have a love for classic and traditional colors.  You are on the quiet side and don’t like to overly stand out in a crowd, or take big risks when it comes to fashion and beauty so this color combo blends beautifully yet adheres to modern style strategies.

Mostly B’s-

If you chose mostly B’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Demi Lovato. This singer is an outgoing risk taker when it comes to her style and beauty choices and often sports highlights of various colors (purple, pink, blue, blonde, brown) mixed in throughout her chestnut brown locks. This look is for you because you like to take a walk on the wild side, have a notice me now personality, and don’t like to fit into society’s view of the “norm.” You lead a busy social life and have an unconventional job, so you can wear your hair however you please!

Mostly C’s-

If you chose mostly C’s, your celebrity highlights inspiration is Lauren Conrad. This actress turned fashion designer has the traditional, all-American blonde highlights look happening. Her dirty blond strands get an instant pick me up by incorporating bursts of golden blonde shimmer at her part and on the sides of her hair, so her coveted hair color can be seen at all points of view. This look is for you because you have a natural, organic, and earthy look and are a sun-kissed California girl at heart. You lead the party girl/socialite lifestyle but do so with the utmost class and style!

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