Men's Hair Stylist NYC | Men's Hair FAQ's

As a man, your hair needs a lot of maintenance. If you aren’t sure how often to get a haircut NYC, color, or when it’s time to condition or even get a new style, read on to get some answers to some questions that a men’s hair stylist nyc is asked frequently.

How Often Do I Need to See a Men’s Hair Stylist?

Believe it or not; often – especially if your hair is short.  In order to keep your hairstyle looking fresh and full of clean lines, schedule an appointment with a men’s hair stylist nyc every three weeks or so. Some men can get away with going only once a month for a touch up because of their hair’s length or the way they have it cut; but for most men, they will see a men’s hair stylist nyc bi-monthly.

When Should I Color My Hair?

Taking the step to color your hair is a personal choice. For many men, going gray is not an option. But, for others; they choose to go gray gracefully. Men can notice gray hairs at any age (as young as their early twenties), but many notice that they are getting a salt and pepper effect around their mid to late thirties. If you are choosing to dye your hair, don’t do it at home! Schedule an appointment to meet with a men’s hair stylist nyc so they can give you a consult and make several suggestions as to which color and tone intensity will look best with your skin tone. Once you choose to color your hair, you will need to visit your men’s hair stylist nyc at Prestige Hair Salon NYC once a month to freshen it up and keep stray grays at bay. Most men schedule their hair cut and hair coloring midtown manhattan on the same day of the month to save time or even take advantage of hair salon nyc cut and color specials that are being promoted.

Do I Need to Use Conditioner?

Absolutely! Many men skip the conditioner and only apply the shampoo. Their rationale? They figure they don’t have a lot of hair and washing it is the most important necessity. Quite the contrary. Men need to apply just a dash of conditioner to help keep hair soft, strong, shiny, and to help prolong their hair color if they choose to dye it each month.

Which Styling Products Are the Best to Use on Short Hair?

By far, the best styling product for short hair is pomade. All you need is a dab of this dense wax to get all day hold and to bend and shape strands into the perfect position!

Which Styling Products Are the Best to Use on Long Hair?

Not all men have short hair. In fact, longer styles have been growing in popularity over the last several years. Pomade is not the best choice for long locks. Instead, opt for a mouse or even a leave in conditioner and gel that will add boost and body to lifeless lock and even give you some lift at the roots!


These five questions and answers, a men’s hair stylist nyc tips, will help you maintain your hair style and keep it looking great, longer!