If you have been going to the same place for years to get your haircut, it may be time for a change. There are various things that you need to consider when you go to get a haircut – and it’s important to know the benefits to a New York hair salon haircut.

At Prestige Hair Salon, we provide men’s and women’s haircuts. Located in Midtown NYC, we are easy to get to. You can make an appointment or come in during our open hours to get a haircut that’s going to enhance your beauty.

We have talented, experienced stylists throughout our salon. A New York hair salon haircut can be yours – and we will provide you with a full consultation before we ever reach for the scissors.

What’s the consultation about? 

Our goal is to give you the best haircut in New York. The only way that we can do that is to know exactly what you want. Maybe you are looking for the same look that you have had for years with just a few changes to the length and the way that you part your hair. Then again, maybe you want something completely different – and want to know what a professional stylist has to say about your hair so that you can gain a new look that better fits your personality.

During the consultation, we will talk to you about your hair, what you want, and what we recommend. You can be honest about what you want – and not have to worry about having a photo of what you want your hair to look like. We will ask you some questions and you can ask us some as well. Once we are on the same page as to what you are looking for in a haircut, we will begin to make the snips to make it happen.

A men’s haircut doesn’t have to be a five minute task that’s done with a razor alone. If you want good looking hair with a style that is easy to achieve, it’s all about the haircut. We have stylists that are used to working with men in NYC. Whether you play sports or you are the professional type, we can give you a cut that works well for you and your lifestyle.

A women’s haircut is often the most involved and that’s because of the length. Whether you have a pixie cut, a short bob, or hair down to the floor, we have stylists that will be able to talk to you about the latest trends and give you a style that lets your natural beauty shine through.

A New York hair salon haircut can be yours today. You can come in for a haircut or explore some of the other services that we offer at Prestige Hair Salon in Manhattan as well. You may decide that you want to change up your appearance even more with highlights or hair coloring – and this can be done at the same time as your haircut so there is no need to take even more time out of your busy day.

Call and make an appointment or ask us about how we are prepared to provide you with the best haircut in New York. Our talented stylists are standing by to talk to you and give you the cut that makes you look and feel great. A quality haircut is something that you need to experience before you can realize how important it is.

With our convenient location on East 55th Street, you will never have to go out of your way to get a New York hair salon haircut.