While most women trust the pros to give them a chic and trendy hair blowouts midtown nyc; many are opting to try it on their own at home, or even recreate this voluminous look that their hair stylist nyc recently gave them at midtown hair salon nyc. Either way, there are a few essential items that you need in order to go through this process. Read on to stock up on everything you must have for your hair.

A Round Brush for Hair Blowouts Midtown NYC

One essential item you need no matter what, is a round brush. If your hair is long and thick, select a large barrel brush. If your hair is medium length or short, select a brush with a thinner and small barrel. This is key because it will help you get the lift you need all around your head. Some professionals at Prestige hair salon opt to use several round brushes. They curl one up in each section of the hair while styling, while others simply blowout one section at a time. Decide which method you prefer, and select and purchase the number of brushes you need. Many hairdressers also suggest using a high quality bristle to ensure the hair is gripped properly and a nice luster is left behind after styling.

Styling Spray

A styling spray is important because it perks up your roots and encourages lift and hold when the brush is placed and the heat is applied. There are some sprays that are patented specifically for the hair blowouts midtown nyc process, but any kind of mousse or lifting spray will do the trick.

Hair Spray

Once your look is secured, be sure to select a light weight hair spray that has moderate to heavy holding power. You want to pick one that comes out in an aerosol stream, rather than a thin mist. More sections of the hair will get covered and the overall hold is more effective and usually less greasy and leaves hair looking softer and even shiner.

Dry Shampoo

Once you get hair blowouts midtown nyc, you want to preserve this lifted and lightweight look for as long as possible. Washing hair will immediately knock your style out. Instead of stepping into the shower, consider applying a dry shampoo. Just a few sprays at the roots will clear out the dirt and perk strands right back up. If you prefer a dry shampoo in the form of a powder, simply sprinkle a dime size amount onto your fingertips, massage, and shake your hair around slightly. Always avoid over brushing, water, or heated styling tools. They will alter your original look. Hair blowouts midtown nyc should be able to last for five to seven days if maintained properly.

A Silk Wrap

Finally, if you want to avoid hair looking flat or getting greasy, consider wrapping it up in a silk scarf or a special wrap when you sleep at night. Hair will be held into place and will not have direct contact with your pillowcase, which will collect grease from your body and face.

Whether you get hair blowouts midtown nyc at Prestige hair salon nyc or at home, there are several essential items that you need in order to get it and keep it looking amazing!