It is not every other day that you come across tips on how to dress up your hair color. More often than not people dress up anything but their hair color. You can think of your skin tone, your shoes, and so many other things, and we tend to ignore the hair, especially when it comes to makeup. Hair coloring midtown manhattan is but one of the most frequently done procedures by hair stylists at Prestige Hair Salon NYC. This is particularly so because of the ease with which we brush shoulders with celebrities and other icons. Everyone wants to rock that amazing New York haircut and hairdo they saw on Ellen, or some other celebrity talk show that they are hooked on to. 

Why You Should Dress up Your Hair Color

One of the most important things that any hairdresser at hair salon NYC midtown will tell you is that your hair speaks volumes. You can reinvent your entire appearance through your hair, and it is amazing how it works so well for a lot of those who give it a try. Now that you have already thought of the perfect hair color to work with, it is important for you to think about reinventing your makeup to match your new style. It is important to address this because more often than note we have come across so many people with the wrong complements. Herein are some useful tips that should help keep you from committing hair-makeup suicide.

Dark Hair Color

In the event that you have decided to go with darker hair, you are in luck because dark hair normally works with a lot of styles. With this you have quite the freedom of what to use on your face. For the lips, any shade from hot pink to tangerine or even deep red works just fine.

On the same note however, we have to mention that if you decide to dress your hair black, and go with really bright lipstick, try not to do too much on your eyes, you might end up like a character from Walking Dead.

Blonde, Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is another common shade in hair coloring midtown manhattan these days. Sadly makeup with this hair color can be trickier than Chris Angel. Due to the fact that it is one of the easiest colors in hair coloring midtown manhattan to overload, try and dress it up by focusing on the cheekbones. So many hair colorists in midtown hair salon NYC have in the recent past advocated for going with a tint that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Some black mascara will easily complement your looks.

Hair Coloring Midtown Manhattan – Vibrant Red Hair

Nothing screams attention in hair coloring midtown manhattan than red hair, so you better not be caught off guard. Make sure that you set a good base to even out the skin tone, and you must have a concealer under the eyes. The importance of this comes from the fact that red hair easily adapts to the blue or pink undertones on your skin.

Remember that just because something looks on a brunette doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come out perfectly on your redhead.