Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner. This sizzling and sultry season really heats things up, in more ways than one! You can heat things up too by boasting a head full of the hottest hair color around! Not quite sure which tones are a must have for your hair? Read on to learn about six of the trendiest summer strands to strut your stuff in from your hair colorist midtown nyc!

1. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Icy White Trend

Miley Cyrus is one of the pioneers of this chilly and trendy tone. Consider going platinum this summer to take going “light” to a whole new level. The bonus of boasting this shade? You won’t need to go back to your hair colorist midtown nyc for frequent touch ups because the sun will aid in the lightening process and if you have a tendency of having a gray hair (or two) pop up from time to time; they will blend right in with this super white tone.

2. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Strawberry Lemonade

A popular and refreshing summer drink; strawberry lemonade is a must try summer color as well! Think Jessica Chastain or Rachel McAdams when trying to envision this sultry strand color. If trying this tone with your hair colorist midtown nyc, keep things more on the “lemonade” side to again, allow the sun’s natural rays the ability to keep things light and bright as you hit the beach and swim in the pool. Salt water and chlorine also have a tendency to make hair lighter when the sunlight is applied to it, so you can always go more “strawberry” at the end of the summer; for a darker and more dramatic effect.

3. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Copper

Copper is always a popular shade for summer months. This red/brown/blonde tone enhances everyone’s eyes and complements a variety of skin shades, which pulls out bronzed accents on the body thanks to the sizzling sun. Copper hair highlights nyc also wake up the hair and make it look instantly sunnier, especially when pieces are colored that frame the face.

4. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Bronzed Brunette

Think Angelina Jolie on a boat in the middle of an Italian lake in June. Bronzed brunette is a lighter shade of brown and hair colorist midtown nyc suggests it is ideal for warm weather months, when everyone seems to be taking things to lighter level-even brunettes.

5. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Ombre

Still hugely popular, you may wish to sport ombre hair. This dying and highlighting technique takes hair from dark to light or light to dark and can be done subtly or blatantly. Some women even choose to use an ombre effect when taking a big and bold step and coloring their whole head in a notice me now shade like blue, purple, or pink!

6. Hair Colorist Midtown NYC – Truffle Brunette

Sounding more like a delectable piece of candy than a hot hair color, truffle brunette is a medium range brown tone, and we agree with your hair colorist midtown nyc, that it is ideal for those who have very dark hair naturally and want to go a little lighter and brighter for summer, yet who don’t feel the want or need to pull off a blonde shade.


Which tone are you excited to try this summer? Schedule a consult with your hair colorist midtown nyc at Prestige hair salon New York to talk about the one that would look best on you! Hair coloring nyc midtown can improve your hair look any day of week, any weather, any style…