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How Much Do You Know?

Regularly maintaining your hair takes time and money. So, choosing the right hair stylist in NYC is key. How much do you know about hairstylists, their job responsibilities, and qualifications? Read on to ensure you select the right stylist that will help you not only get the look you desire but that makes you feel completely at ease when you leave your precious hands in their professional hands.

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Top Hair Stylist: Beauty School Degree

Great hairstylists have a degree from an accredited beauty school. They have spent well over their required “hours” working on various clients and know absolutely everything about hair-from textures, to the most current women’s haircut nyc and colors (Hair Coloring in Midtown); to even how to “fix” a botched cut or color (Hair Color Correction). They speak to you using hair terminology and demonstrate their professionalism because they put a lot of time and effort into their own hair and overall style. Never get your hair cut or colored by someone who has never attended beauty school!

Regular Professional Development Activities

In order for a hairstylist to be on the up and up when it comes to current trends in hair; they regularly attend professional development workshops, trade shows, and subscribe to a number of hair and style magazines to keep fresh and current so they can give you a fresh and current look as well. This also helps them make hairstyle and cut recommendations when you walk into their salon unsure of what you want.

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Promote Products

Another important responsibility of great hairstylists is to promote products. When you leave their salon, you are a walking billboard for their work, and they want you to look great! So, they will talk to you about a variety of hair products that will maintain your look. They will also teach you how to use these products, not just show them to you. A great hairstylist talks a lot to you while they are working so you become familiar with the process of styling your hair and maintaining your cut and color.

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Don’t just settle for any NYC hair stylist. Be sure you know how to spot a highly qualified, professional stylist in NYC so you look amazing at all times!