Listen up, guys and girls! It may be time for you to get a new ‘do with your hairdresser midtown nyc. Whether you need a fresh cut, some color, or a moisturizing/clarifying treatment (or two); read on to answer these five questions to help you instantly know if it’s time to make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser midtown nyc to get a new look.

1. Is Your Hair Falling Out?

Check your shower drain. Check your brush. If you are noticing an excessive amount of hair, you may need some immediate hair care. Most likely, you need to stimulate new hair growth and to remove dry, brittle pieces that are still looming around. You can do this by making an appointment for a deep conditioning treatment. This will not only help seal in moisture, but salvage strands that are already singed. You could also request your hairdresser midtown nyc that a special clarifying shampoo be used on your hair to remove excessive product build up, which in return clogs follicles and kills off healthy hair.

2. Are You Sporting the Same ‘Do in Your High School Senior Picture?

Whether you graduated five years ago, ten years ago, or even worse; twenty years ago-you should still not be rocking the exact same color or cut that you did when you were a senior, our hairdresser midtown nyc is sure. If you are, you are well overdue for a change. If you are afraid to do anything drastic, chat with your hairdresser midtown nyc to see what they suggest when it comes to color and a cut that you are comfortable with but yet yield noticeable change.

3. Have You Never Colored Your Hair with Your Hairdresser Midtown NYC?

Don’t be afraid of color! Whether you dye your whole head or opt for some highlights; there is nothing more boring than virgin hair! Hair coloring midtown manhattan, whether it’s done with organic ingredients or chemical processing really wakes up the face and can make you look years younger. It’s an easy process and you can always dye it back to your original shade after you’ve given it a try.

4. Do You Hear Your Flat Iron Frying Your Hair?

If you use a hair iron, you are most likely familiar with that hissing, burning sound that is associated with over use on your hair. If you hear this frying sound, it’s time to get to the salon to schedule a haircut with your hairdresser midtown nyc and a deep moistening mask for your hair to restore it back to a healthier state.

5. Have You Not Received One Compliment on Your Hair over the past Few Months?

If no one is noticing your ‘do, there is probably a reason for this. Get to the hair salon nyc, to your hairdresser midtown nyc and fast if you have not heard one positive comment about its color, cut, or style. You want to be the one getting noticed; not the one noticing others!


Can you answer yes to one (or more) or these five questions? If so, schedule an appointment, pronto! You and your hair deserve it. Don’t forget, you can always come to our hair salon 10022 to get the best service and pleasure!