You love your hair when it is freshly blown out at the hair salon. You just wish the look could last a little longer! Read on to learn how you can make the most out of your blow out and hold onto this voluminous style for days longer!

Don’t Touch Your Hair after a Blow Out!

Try not to touch your hair. This can be especially hard because you probably don’t even realize how much you touch your tresses. If you can hold off; keep your hands to yourself. All the excess oil from your fingers will make their way into your hair and make it greasy, weighing it down and going from voluminous to volume-less!

Wrap It Up!

The first night you sleep on your blow out, be sure to gently wrap it loosely in a silk scarf. This will help it from getting flattened and will keep excess oil off your scalp.

Apply Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo comes in various forms. A spray, a powder, etc. Pick up the one that works best for you and give your roots a little TLC. It will help maintain your style without weighing it down. Also, since you won’t be getting it wet, you won’t have to worry about completely restyling it or losing a lot of the volume. Apply just a small amount of dry shampoo so it’s enough to soak up any oil that could be weighing your hair down.

Consider a Protein Mist

Protein mists are great to spray on your roots a day or two after your blow out. Apply just a bit of heat after spraying and use a fine tooth comb to gently make your part a little deeper to help fluff up your strands; bringing your blow out back to life.

Blow outs can be pricey. However, they look amazing on all kinds of hair length and types. You can easily maintain your salon fresh style by follow some of these easy tips above to make your blowout last for days!