Everyone leads a busy life, but there is no excuse to look less than fabulous and put your hair and beauty regimen on the back burner. You can pencil in your hair appointments at Prestige Hair Salon on your calendar, just as you would for your social events and business meetings. Read on to learn the “how-oftens” of hair so you can ensure you schedule various appointments at Prestige Hair Salon to keep that head of hair of yours looking hot, no matter what!

1. Get Your Color Appointment at Prestige Hair Salon

Whether you dye all of your hair or highlight bits and pieces; you should schedule a color appointment at Prestige Hair Salon every month. Pick a day that works for you and count ahead on your calendar exactly four weeks later to keep your grays at bay and your hair color looking fresh and fine.

2. Cut and Color Together

Many women schedule their color and cut together, out of convenience. You should cut the split ends off your hair every four to six weeks. While there are styling products you can apply to protect your ends from splitting; if you schedule your color at Prestige Hair Salon every month, you should just get snipped simultaneously to use your time efficiently and effectively.

3. Give Your Hair a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Designate a day, each week; to apply a deep conditioning treatment. If you are coloring your hair monthly and are using various heated styling tools, your hair can dull and dry out quickly. By applying a quarter size amount of a deep conditioning treatment, you can add instant moisture back into your strands and simply designate five minutes out of your day to do so, weekly.

4. Invest in a Stripping Shampoo

Consider investing in a stripping shampoo. This kind of shampoo should be applied bi-weekly. It intensively cleanses your locks and removes build up from your styling products and excess oil that your regular, daily shampoo just can’t touch. While stripping shampoo can be harsh on hair, you will notice that your strands feel instantly lifted, lighter, and looks shiny, smooth, and feels softer! Be sure to consult with your stylist prior to using one so they can suggest a gentle formula that will work for your hair type and individual hair needs.

5. Schedule Your Blow out at Prestige Hair Salon

Getting a blowout is a must! Ideal for all hair lengths and types; this root lifting, hair enhancing technique will really take your hair to the next level. While you may not have time in your busy schedule to get one every week, consider treating yourself to one bi-weekly or at least monthly at Prestige Hair Salon, before a special event. You can also lengthen the life of your blow out by applying various products, like a dry shampoo spray or powder, which will cleanse your hair without altering the heat-induced styling technique.

You treat yourself all the time. Be sure to treat your hair too! Work these hair “how-oftens” into your schedule so you can make sure you look and feel your best at all times and you don’t fall behind with your hair routine.