Ten Question to Help You Decided If Bangs Are for You

Full on fringe is a hot trend in the hair world right now when it comes to bangs. Celebs like Taylor Swift and Kerry Washington are just a few leading ladies who have jumped on the big bang bandwagon. You toy with the idea of asking your stylist to give your face some fringe but are often on the fence when it comes to following through. Take this short, ten question quiz to help you decided if bangs are for you!

1. Is your hair naturally curly or wavy?

A) No
B) Yes

2. How often do you wear your hair down?

A) Everyday
B) Occasionally

3. Which describes your personal style?

A) Totally trendy and a little edgy
B) Classic and conservative

4. Is your hair on the thin side?

A) Nope
B) Yes

5. How often do you use styling products and tools?

A) Daily
B) A few times a week

6. Which is your favorite hair accessory?

A) Headband
B) Hair tie

7. Do you have a round face?

A) No
B) Yes

8. How often do you update your look?

A) Monthly
B) Yearly

9. Which celebrities’ hair styles do you go gaga for?

A) Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, ZooeyDeschannel
B) Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale

10. Which hair styling tool are you most drawn to?

A) A hair straightener
B) A curling iron

Mostly A’s Bang Them Out!

Yes, bangs are totally for you. This is evident from your lifestyle, personality, hair type, and love for trends. Don’t dare cut them on your own; talk to your favorite stylist and allow him or her to work their magic and give your current look a makeover.

Mostly B’s Boycott Bangs!

No, bangs are not your friend. This is evident from your lifestyle, personality, hair type, and conservative style. Full on fringe will totally freak you out, so if you want to update your look, talk with your stylist about some alternatives to bangs, such as layers; to give your look a makeover you’re more inclined to